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If you feel something snap or there is one area with greater sensitivity than the rest, perhaps it broke. I imagine if there is a change in sensation, you should pull out and check the condom-- why jerk around when you could just quickly check?! To be doubly sure, get yourself an erection, put on a condom and stretch it out and poke a little hole in the condom so that as you masturbate you can feel how the break will feel. Also, in general, be sure to use a condom that is not expired and has not been exposed to extremes of heat, cold, and pressure, and use plenty of lube. You should be fine. Thanks for being responsible and practicing safer sex!

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Would you feel condom breaking how would you know?

Yes, the man will notice the change when it happens.

Would You feel it if the condom had split?

i did not feel the condom split both times it has

How does jack feel about breaking Piggy's glasses?

jack doesn't really care that he broke piggy's glasses

You and your boyfriend just broke up you feel really bad for breaking up with him and you still love him he wants you to take him back you started cutting yourself should you get help and take him bak?

Well for starters it might be good to get some help or at least a good friend you can trust that will help you. I don't know why you broke up but do what you feel is right. You say that you still love him and feel bad for breaking up so go from there.

What does the idiom broke your heart mean?

It means someone or something caused you to feel great grief, so much that you feel as if the heart of your emotion is breaking.

Can you feel if a condom is still inside your vagina?

You should know if you have a condom stuck in your vagina. They don't just disapear off of your sexual partner. Are you sure he was wearing a condom in the first place? Some women can feel it, some may not. Set up an appointment with your doctor if you think it may have fallen off and is no where to be found. You should feel inside yorself with your fingers if you do not feel it anyway. After a while it does fall out but you should get it out as soon as you can with or without a doctor's help.

What if your boyfriend wears a condom but you can feel him ejaculate inside the condom does that mean he came inside you?


What if your boyfriend broke up with a number of times and dated other girls how should you feel?

u should feel that its ok for you to date other people

Should the condom be changed when the woman has come but the man hasn't?

No, the purpose of a condom is to aid against transmitting dieases and to trap seamen as to not impreganate the woman. Unless you feel the condom break after a woman has come due to excess pressure, there is no need to change it.

What inolved in sex?

well to have sex u should have a dildo, condom and some fun toys to make it feel goog

Why cant you feel anything with a condom?

Because it is created with enough material to stop any sperm from breaking through (usually). Ejaculation occurs at over 20 MPH on average you know!

Could I feel if a condom was stuck inside of me?

No...I didn't.

32 week pregnant and water broke and is yellow?

That's pee sweetie. I know it can feel like a water break, but it would be clear and pinkinsh if it were your water breaking.

Can you always feel a lost condom in your vagina with your fingers?

Not always

How old do you have to be to use a condom?

whenever you feel you are ready to have sex.

How should you feel when your boyfriend braeks up with you?

"You should try to feel happy and relieved. You are now free to date whoever whenever." - Previous answer.If you are unsure of why exactly he broke up with you, it is normal to feel somewhat unsure of yourself. But NEVER get too overly emotional about it. The one who is meant to be will not go around breaking your heart.Just see it as though he gave you the chance now to find someone who will fill the void he couldn't fill, and you should feel better and relieved. Just move on, and don't think too much into it.

Why does sex feel better without a condom?

because of Emily lawerance

What could you fill a condom with to make it feel real?

Maybe Tissues. (:

Does sex feel better with a condom?

yes defently, go on the pill or something instead, for a real powerful orgasm dont use a condom

Do you feel it if the condom gets stuck in your vagina?

Lol this is one funny question. But I would have to say that I'm sure that you do not feel it. I mean a tampon is thicker than a condom and you don't feel them right? The only time you may feel it is when its being pulled out. Which sometimes can end in a funny situation.

How do doctors get the condom out if they can't see it?

Usually you can see a condom in the vagina without difficulty after inserting a speculum. It's also a simple matter to feel for the condom using gloved fingers. If the condom can't be seen during a speculum exam, it's not in the vagina.

If the condom broke and his sperm went in you and you still feel wet a day later is there a chance of being pregnant?

If semen came into contact with the vagina, there is always the chance that you may become pregnant. A sensation of wetness makes no difference whatsoever.

Do you get pleasure from wearing a condom?

The pleasure you feel while wearing a condom is just about the same as if you were not wearing one. There is more of a psychological thing there then anything else.

Can a balloon be substituted for a condom if you just want the feel of a condom?

Yes if you can find one aproximately the right sise and shape. However the quality in the latex used in balloons leaves a lot to be desired compared to that of a condom. in other words dont rely on a balloon condom.

What does it mean when women can't feel ejacutate?

if you are wearing a condom, it means nothing.