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What does a condom breaking feel like and how do I tell if it broke so I know if I should pull out?

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2007-07-03 00:49:28

If you feel something snap or there is one area with greater

sensitivity than the rest, perhaps it broke. I imagine if there is

a change in sensation, you should pull out and check the condom--

why jerk around when you could just quickly check?! To be doubly

sure, get yourself an erection, put on a condom and stretch it out

and poke a little hole in the condom so that as you masturbate you

can feel how the break will feel. Also, in general, be sure to use

a condom that is not expired and has not been exposed to extremes

of heat, cold, and pressure, and use plenty of lube. You should be

fine. Thanks for being responsible and practicing safer sex!

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