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What does a contractor do?

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What is a Contractor?

Depending on the type of contractors'

A "contractor" is any person engaged in the business of construction, repair, alteration, dismantling, or demolition of bridges, highways, roads, streets, buildings, airports, dams, pipelines, and every other type of structure, project, development, or improvement coming within the definition of real or personal property, including the construction, alteration, or repair of property to be held either for sale or rental, and shall include subcontractor, public contractor, and nonresident contractor.

No person may engage in the business nor act in the capacity of a contractor within this state when the cost, value, or price per job exceeds the sum of two thousand dollars without first having a license.


A Contractor can also have other meanings;

Some other meanings include:

- Mercenary work that is commissioned on per basis mission contract.

- Entrepeneurs who undertake private enterprise projects, commissioned on per piece contract.

- Political representatives who's main political ideologies consists of contracting (reduction of) financial spending as a governmental agenda.