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For baby corn snakes you should feed them 'Pinkies' (two day old mice). For sub-adults you feed them 'fuzzies' (Juvernile Mice). For adults you feed corn snakes Adult Mice.

For adult corn snakes they like to eat rats

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Will a Corn Snake eat a Rat Snake?

Uh, corn snakes ARE a type of rat snake. They are also called the red rat snake. A king snake might eat a rat snake but corn snakes will eat mostly rodents.

Do snake eat corn?

2nd Answer: No snakes do not eat corn. They eat other other snakes, small rodents, fish, insects, etc. There is a snake called the Corn Snake but that doesn't mean it eats corn, that is just its name. 1st Answer: yes, if the chicken eat corn before it is eaten by the snake

Does any kind of snakes eat corn?

no snakes eat corn but there is a corn snake

Will a corn snake eat a human?

No. A corn snake cannot eat anything much larger than a rat.

What do corn snaks eat?

In captivity, a corn snake will eat mice or rats. In the wild, a corn snake will eat anything it can find, such as birds, lizards, bats, or frogs.

Can gekhos and a corn snake live in the same tank?

No, the corn snake will probably eat the geckos.

What eat corn snake?


How does a corn snake eat?

with there mouth

Is it ok if a corn snake eats carrots?

If you try to make your corn snake eat carrots it won't eat it. If it does it might get sick.

What is a corn snake niche?

To eat the mice that are eating the corn in the corn fields

Would a pet corn snake eat anything besides mice?

Yes,Corn Snake can eat snake food and also other sorts of animals. All of this will keep your snake healthy!

What does a wild corn snake eat?

A wild corn snake usually eats mice and small rats. They occasionally eat amphibians and lizards.

Do corn snakes eat toads?

Corn snake-Pantherophis guttata- Red RAT snake- they are the same snake. Red RAT snake. Take the hint :)

Will a ball python eat a corn snake?


Does a corn snake eat insects?

no they eat mice to find more information ask what do corn snakes eat.

Will a corn snake eat a live rat?

yes it will eat a live rat but be carefull cous the rat will try to bite and even eat the corn snake if given the chance

What does a baby corn snake eat?

Baby corn Snakes eat baby mice which are called pinkies.

Does a corn snake eat when shedding?

It depends on the individual snake but most wont

Do corn snakes eat cats?

No..Cats will kill corn corn snakes, although the corn snake could possibly eat a tiny kitten.

How did the corn snake get its name?

cous it lives close to the corn fields cous the rodents eat the corn and the corn snake hunts down the rodents its a farmers best friend

Will a corn snake eat another snake?

Corn snakes have been known to cannibalize other snakes if kept together, especially when young. A larger snake ALWAYS has the potential to eat another snake if it can fit it down its stomach.

What do adult corn snakes eat?

An adult Corn Snake will eat a good sized mouse once a week.

Do snakes eat corn?

Ya..................CORN SNAKES!!!!!!!!!! Haha but srsly they do ... They dont eat CORN! They eat small rodents whitch are ATTRACTED to corn fields, so the snake is attracted to them.

Are corn snakes good pets?

a Corn Snake is great first snake to start with and it does not bite unless it is under stress. It might not eat right away for you ether. If you do get a Corn Snake do not pick it up

Can an American bulldog eat an adult corn snake?