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What does a dark blonde look like?

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In the rgb code of medium blonde, just diminish the red 68, and increase green 34; and here is dark blonde.

2009-09-03 07:53:47
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Q: What does a dark blonde look like?
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What will people look like in the future?

you will have long dark hair if your blonde , long blonde hair if your dark haired.

What does dark ash blonde hair look like?

Its a darker blonde with a light brown tint to it. Walmart will have a bunch of blonde shades, including an example of this shade. Go look for a good example.

Difference between dark blonde and dark ash blonde?

ash has a grayish/greenish tone to it. i do not recomend buying it. dark blonde is more like natural...

What is a good highlight for strawberry blonde hair?

well it ultimetly depends on how you want it but I suggest blonde or even like a bleach blonde . the best look that I have seen is that it is dark strawberry blonde at the top and fades into a bleach /platinum blonde.

What does miley cryrus's new look look like?

she died her hair black. like reallly dark black. it used to be brown with blonde highlights.

What does ivy eatmon look like?

blonde hair blue eyes dark brown hair underneath

What is kesha look like?

Blonde mostly. Pale face, dark eyeliner, big bottom lip...

How do you get your hair to look like Christina perri?

Christina Perri has dark brown hair, so she got blonde highlights. You need to dye your hair dark brown, get blonde highlights and curl it a little.

Would a blonde hair colour look nice with people who have dark skin?

Think Californian. They have tans and usually have blonde hair. But (and i hope no one takes offense) if you are very very dark (like black) then a blonde hair color wouldn't be so petite...

Will blonde highlights look good with dark blonde hair?

Any shade of hair with a couple lighter shades of a highlight would look fine

Which highlights would look good with dark brown hair?

Maybe, maroon,dark red,or blonde.

To look like Hannah Montana?

These ways are to look like Hannah Montana - Blonde wig These ways are to look like Hannah Montana - Blonde wig

What does Sissy in Deep and Dark and Dangerous look like?

blonde hair, blue eyes, skinny, and beautiful according to Ali in the book.

What do nitz look like?

if you have dark hair they are dark adn if you are blonde then they are lighter and they are just like tiny bugs with little leggs u cant see them properly without a magnifying glass or microscope

What most guys like on girls black dark red blonde light or dark brown hair?

It all depends on the guy. Look at recent girls they've dated or celebrities that they like to find out :)

Do highlights look good with dark hair on pale skin?

Blonde highlights look good with dark hair on pale skin and many people with dark hair use them.

How would you find out what you would look like as a blonde?

Dye your hair blonde!

Best hair color for dark skin?

Well, depends how dark< probably like a dark brown definitley not blonde.

What type of hair color can makes dark skin look whiter?

platinum blonde:)

Is there a difference between Dark Blonde and Dirty Blonde or are they the same thing?

There is a difference, dark blonde has brown tones in it and dirty blonde has ash tones in it.

What hair color matches tanned skins?

A dark brown, black with blonde streaks or hazel. Blonde or red look really weird

What hair color does Eminem have?

For a fact it is dirty/dark blonde. Because if u look at pictures of when he was a little kid you can tell. Now it's actually dark brown but when he was younger he died it blonde.

What did eminem look like when he was a kid?


Do guys like the natural look or the dark look?

dark look

What does amir in The Kite Runner look like?

3ft tall, dark brown skin, blonde hair, hazel eyes, right hand has two thumbs