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It protects all of the copyrightable content: creative works, such as the particular selection and arrangement of the definitions, but not the words or definitions themselves. So you can't photocopy the dictionary, but you could (in theory) transcribe the factual information, none of which is covered by copyright (in the USA).

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Can you copyright the word dictionary?

No; single words and short phrases are not eligible for copyright protection.

What is The New Century Dictionary copyright 1944 worth?

The New Century Dictionary with a copyright of 1944 comes in a 2-volume set. The 2-set volume is worth close to $40.

ARe there any copyright controls on using an ordinary word from the dictionary as a title?


Can you use antique - circa 1877 - Webster's dictionary pages in original artwork to be sold?

Yes. No element of a 1877 dictionary is protected by copyright.

What is the part of the dictionary?

There are a number of different parts that are obtained in a dictionary. These include the sections, which are listed in alphabetical order and the cover of the dictionary itself.

How do you find the copyright date of a book?

The edition notice, on the reverse of the title page, should include the copyright date. If not, online library catalogs usually include that information.

How can copyright information be used for business?

Commercial uses of copyright-protected works include publishing, broadcasting, and so on.

The last-word which include in dictionary?

In the "Collins Gem English Dictionary" the final word is Zygote.

Does copyright include things on the internet?

Yes. Virtually anything you encounter online, unless specified otherwise, is protected by copyright.

Which dictionary of English will have the pronunciation?

One of the features of a dictionary is to include the pronunciation. The Oxford English Dictionary is one of these, and is generally regarded as the most exhaustively comprehensive.

If you have a dictionary program on your computer and transfer the definition data files to a different dictionary reader on a different operating system is this copyright infringement?

It depends on the level of creativity and originality in the content of the definitions.

What does the first page of a dictionary say?

The first page is the title page. It has the title, author or editor, publisher, and copyright date.

Do dictionaries include antonyms?

Sometimes it depends on what type of dictionary it is.

Which law defines software copyright infringement?

Copyright is defined in Title 17 of US Code. The most recent laws that involve software include the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Does copyright law include images taken off the world wide web?

Yes Copyright Content includes all media from the INTERNET.

What is The New Century Dictionary copyright 1946 worth?

found a set dated 1927 so I'm anxious to find out . monty

What is the copyright on fonts used on shirts?

The copyright on the font is the same regardless of its usage. The embedded metadata on the font software should include rights information.

Where can find Japanese to English dictionary online?

There are a number of places to find a Japanese to English dictionary online. Some of the best options include Denshi Jisho, Babylon and Heartful Dictionary.

Where can you find out about a copyright?

It depends on the type of material. Books have notifications on their copyright pages; movies include notifications in the credits; fine art may not be marked at all.

What information can be found in the dictionary?

The information found in a dictionary can include the correct spelling of words, their meanings, examples of their use, and clues as to the origins of words.

Words that have dict?

There are plenty of words in the English language that have dict in them such as dictionary. Other words include verdict and diction.

How do you write a copyright notification?

Although notification is not required for protection, most include the word copyright and the (c) indication, the year, and the rightsholder. For example, see the bottom of this page which says Copyright (c) 2011 Answers Corporation.

What is the value of a Websters Handy Dictionary Illustrated copyright 1877?

$5000 in US currency from much cheddar comes from tillamook

How many words are they in the oxford English dictionary beginning with the prefix re?

It really depends on the dictionary. Some include more words than others.

Is Webster's unabridged dictionary 1913 copyright?

In the United States, any work published before 1923 is in the public domain (= not under copyright). For more information, see the detailed chart on the duration of copyrights in the U.S. at http:/ .