What does a dingo eat?


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Dingoes are scavengers, and eat any other animals, especially when these animals are carrion or roadkill. They eat injured and sick large mammals, but tend to prey on smaller, slower marsupials such as possums, mammals such as rabbits, and birds.


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Yes a dingo can eat a owl

A dingo can certainly eat a young koala, with no difficulty whatsoever.

There is no approximate amount of food a dingo can eat in a day, but it is scientific fact that a dingo will eat whatever meat or animal it comes upon, regardless if it is hungry or not. It's favorite food is Kangaroo.

It is unusual for a dingo to prey on a kookaburra when there is easier game available, but if the opportunity arises, a dingo will certainly eat a kookaburra.

actually no, its opposite.

Yes a diingo would eat an owl.

Yes. Dingoes most certainly eat marsupials.

tigers and lions eat them

think dingo eats plants

Yes. A dingo can eat a quoll, but rarely does. The quoll is a carnivorous, semi-arboreal marsupial, so it can climb trees, but defend itself aggressively on the ground.

They will not eat ants unless they are big enough for a meal. dingos eat meat.

Yes, a dingo [Canis lupus dingo] would eat a cactus if need be. Dingoes indeed are known to nibble on fruits and plants. But a cactus would be low on the dingo's list of preferred foods. A dingo favors medium to large sized mammals.

No, a dingo is found in Australia and the lion in Africa and Asia. They would never meet in nature.

Nothing in Australia eats a live, mature dingo. Young pups may occasionally be taken by eagles and other birds of prey.

A dingo is a free-range dog that lives in Australia mainly. It eats livestock, kangaroos, wallaby, rabbits, and other small rodents.

Donna Dingo is a dingo that helps deaf people.

they have a wide variety of diets from insects to water buffalo but mostly eat rabbits or, foods in its habitat

No. Dingoes tend to kill their prey before they attempt to eat them.

There is not a specific name for a male dingo. A dingo is called a dingo no matter if they are male or female.

Yes it ca it can flip it on its back then shred the underside of it

i was walking ou in the outback when i saw a dingo staring at me wanting to eat me, i went up to it and stareted takling it then more and more came.......TO BE CONTINUED

The main "predator" of the dingo is man, although man, of course, does not hunt the dingo except where the dingo threatens stock. There are no other natural predators of the dingo.

The mother dingo raises the pups.

The Dingo is a resturant.

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