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What does a dragon vs tiger tattoo mean?


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martial arts view on tiger vs dragon

According to Shaolin Martial Arts, the Tiger vs. the Dragon is the symbol of the line overcoming the circle and vice versa. The tiger fights in a straightforward attack bulldozing it's opponent. The dragon fights using circular flexible attacks. They are certainly worthy opponents :)

Both the tiger and dragon are old Buddhist symbols. They have come to be known as oppositional symbols - one reflecting a 'hard' style (attacking and unrelenting) form of martial arts, this is symbolized by the Tiger. Conversly, the 'soft' style is represented by the Dragon and is a form that embodies a defensive and more fluid 'circular-attack'. Thus, these symbols have come to be interpreted to represent (in the same way Yin/Yang represent) duality and balance attained through the balance of oppossing forces, etc., and are often used as symbols of this philosophy which is found in many Eastern cultures and practices. Many systems of study recognize a need for both 'hard' and 'soft' styles, therefore, many systems require training in both 'styles' in order to offer the student a balanced base of training and experience.

The Tiger versus the Dragon represents the balance of power.


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