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1) It is difficult to describe the taste of a durian since, a) there is little to compare it with and b) not all durians taste the same. I think a sweet butterscotch type of taste is probably near.

2) It smells awkwardly sweet, and tastes like a mix between pineapple and raw onions. (I found it quite unpleasant.)

3.) It taste like Heaven, smell like Hell but you can drink Durian as juice in Mandura beverage and it really taste like Heaven

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Q: What does a durian taste like?
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What does durian taste like?

Cream cheese and onions.

What infamous fruit has a mighty stink yet taste like a banana and caramel?


Why do some people say that a durian stinks they must have a pathalogical sick state of sense of smell the fragrance of a durian is simply strong vanilla-like as its wonderful same-like taste?

dude durian smells like raw sewage

What infamous fruit has a mighty stink but can also taste like banana and caramel?

The stinky but tasty fruit is the Durian

What doesnt smell very good but they taste very good?


Which fruit is forbidden in many Asian hotel rooms?

Durians * The stinking fruit. During the riping process this fruit spreads a bad smell. This is so bad that in south-east Asia the fruit may not be taken into an airplane or hotels. * The taste of the durian is very good and special, like vanilla. So special that even durian parties are organised. * Do not store the durian, it smells too bad. * Nutrition Facts * Selection * Recipes * Acidity For all durian information go to: Durian OnLine (DOL)

What is the most dangerous edible fruit?

durian i made a kid throw up at school bye eating it but wont kill you it taste like rotten garlic butter and smells like it too

What does the durian fruit smell like?

Durian fruit is described to smell rotten or like dirty feet. It can be white fleshed or red fleshed but they all have a rotten smell.

How do you pronounce your welcome in french?

de rien like durian

Who is Bong Durian?

Bong Durian is an athlete from the Philippines

Why do you use durian seeds to plant a durian tree?

Because it is the easiest way of obtaining a durian seedling! All you have to do is eat a durian and plant the seeds and you're done!

Is durian a proper noun?

No, the word 'durian' is a common noun, a word for any durian fruit anywhere.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Dr. Rocheli Noble-Durian DDS, Walnut, CADurian Street, Vista, CA or Durian Street, Mount Cotton, QLD AustraliaMariza Durian Jam or Emerald Durian Jam"Waiting for the Durian: A Child's Life as a Prisoner of War", a novel by Susan J. McCabe

When was Ohan Durian born?

Ohan Durian was born in 1922.

When did Ohan Durian die?

Ohan Durian died in 2011.

What country do you find the fruit durian?

They say that the Durian fruit comes from eather Maylaisa, Indonaia, and Philipeanes. -Durian Fruit

What is Hindi name of durian fruit?

What is the hondi name of durian fruit

Does durian have flower?

The Durian has a flower but they are generally closed during the daytime

What are the ingredients in durian milk?

The ingredients in durian milk are 1 durian, 1-8 ounce glass of condensed milk, and Manis syrup.

What do rabbits not like to eat?

Well rabbits hate to eat is durian fruit.. Because it is smelly for rabbits, but maybe other rabbits from different communitiy like durian but rabbits cant eat fruit so yeah!!!

Is durian high in cholesterol?

Durian has no cholesterol as this only comes from animal fat

How many syllables are in durian?

The word durian has three syllables. (du-ri-an)

Does it help take away the durian stench by washing your hands in a durian shell with salt and water?

Yes it does! - Singaporean, eaten durian all my life!

Do brains taste like chicken?

No, they do not taste like chicken. They most likey taste like blood vessels.

Is there a substitute for Durian peelings when making the durian cardboard project?

Corn husks would do :)

What infamous fruit stinks really bad but tastes like banana and caramel?