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What does a federal judge do?


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April 02, 2011 4:59AM

A federal judge has many functions. The main and most obvious job of a federal judge is to preside over all court hearing in their respective court. Most times in a criminal case they do not decide guilt or innocence unless the Defense Files a Jury Waiver and opts to have a "Bench Trial" also known as a "Court Trial." If the case is criminal and there is a jury then the judge is a moderator and final authority of the courtroom, but does not decide guilt or innocence when as I said a Jury is involved. Some cases are civil and the judge can facilitate mediation to prevent a trial, or he would in fact preside over the case if the civil matter went to trial. Some federal judges work on Social Security Cases and help decide appeals on claim decision. These are just a few things that Federal Judges can do, there are many more things.