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What does a flashing overdrive 'off' light indicate on a 1998 Ford F-150?

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Ford automatic overdrive transmissions after 1993 were electronically controlled by the pcm. inside the trans is a collection of speed and pressure sensors along with soleniods to control shifting and torque converter lockup. when one of these electronic components malfunction the pcm will set a trouble code and illuminate the light. some code readers will read the trans codes and unfortionatly i dont have a list available.

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Why is Subaru forester hold light flashing?

why is subaru forester 1998 hold light flashing

What do you do about the flashing overdrive light that comes on while you are driving in your 1996 ford explore Eddie Bauer?

My 1998 explorer 5.0 did the same thing, i noticed the light flashing, then noticed that it hadnt shifted into overdrive. so i pressed the overdrive button *located on the end of shifter* it then shifted into overdrive and the light shut off. This happens easily, the button is very sensitive, the slightest touch even from shifting from Park to Drive can activate it. The button is for towing or hauling so you will substain torque and speed. hope this helps, write back if you still need help.

Why would the Overdrive light remain on and flashing in a 1998 Ford Ranger XLT?

These transmission are rear wheel drive 4 speed automatics, that are all computer controlled. Common reasons for the overdrive light flashing are the external sensors on the vehicle like the throttle position sensor or vehicle speed sensor quite often go bad, causing these symptoms. Always run a scanner first to see if a sensor is causing your problem.

What is the flashing yellow light in the instrument cluster on 1998 SL500?

Which Yellow light, what does the symbol look like

What does a flashing green overdrive button mean on a 1998 ford expedition means?

It means you turned it off, usually a little button on the end of the shifter.

1998 Buick century service engine light flashing?

A person needs to pay attention to their warning lights. If a service engine light is flashing, this means that there is a problem within the engine.

What is the flashing light top left on dashboard of 1998 Pontiac sunfire?

If it's just a round flashing light that has no indication as to it's meaning, it's probably the Daytime Running Light indicator. It's only on when the headlights are OFF. If it's flashing, it generally means that one of your DRL's has burned out.

What are the ratings and certificates for Overdrive - 1998?

Overdrive - 1998 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:16 USA:R

Why is the check engine light flashing on a 1998 forester?

when a check engine light is flashing on any car means that there is a very strong miss fire that could damage the cat.http://wiki.answers.com/Why_is_Engine_light_flashing_vw_golf_1999&action=edit

Check engine light flashing with code 305 on 1998 f150?

The number 5 engine cylinder is misfiring

Have a Ford Explorer 1998 xlt there is a light on the instrument panel right side bottom left what is this?

On a 1998 Ford Explorer : If you mean the " O/D OFF " light , that indicates that the Over Drive on the transmission has been switched off using the transmission control switch on the end of your gear selector lever ( P R N etcetera ) If you haven't switched the Over Drive off or the light is flashing take it in to have it checked / repaired ( overdrive is the normally allowed position , but if you are towing something or if you are driving in hilly country where the transmission is constantly changing from overdrive to drive , you want to switch the overdrive off ( O/D OFF will appear in the dash )

When did Top Gear Overdrive happen?

Top Gear Overdrive happened in 1998.

Why is the oil light flashing on a 1998 VW Jetta just changed the oil and filter.?

Tip: The oil light flashing indicates that the pressureof the oil is low, the light does not necessarily indicates when the oil level is low. The problem could be a bad oil pump or a leak in the filter.

How long can you drive 1998 Chevy Tahoe after service engine light comes on for catalytic converetr?

If the light is not flashing you can drive it until you can have it repaired. If the check engine light is flashing, park it. Otherwise you will do catastrophic damage to the catalytic converter costing several hundreds of dollars to replace.

When was Top Gear Overdrive created?

Top Gear Overdrive was created on 1998-11-23.

Why is the check engine flashing on a 1998 explorer?

the check engine light flashing on any car means that there is a very strong miss fire that could damage the catalytic converter.the check engine light flashing on any car means that there is a very strong miss fire that could damage the catalytic converter.

How do you know when overdrive is on a 98 crown vic?

On a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria : Overdrive is the normally allowed position , although the transmission will not shift into overdrive until the speed is higher If the overdrive is switched off , on the gauge cluster just to the right / and above the speedometer you will see the O/D OFF warning light ( if you have the digital dash it will show overdrive off in the upper right )

1998 Jeep Cherokee check engine light came on the jeep is running fine?

If the check engine line is flashing then that means there is a real problem and you should have it looked at, But if the light is on and NOT flashing the it is most likely a problem with the emmisions system and most likely an oxygen sensor.

How do you turn overdrive to off position on 1998 ford E250?

On a 1998 Ford E-250 : The transmission control switch is on the end of the gear selector lever Push the button and the word OFF should light up near the end of the lever when the overdrive feature is turned off

What does OVERDRIVE BAND FAILED OFF mean on a 1998 Ford Explorer?

On a 1998 Ford Explorer, Overdrive Band Failed Off means that the vehicle did not shift into Overdrive properly. The band for this gear should be serviced soon.

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