What does a fly eat?


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A fly will eat anything that can be eaten

sometimes a fly eats its own throw up or poop (it also eats human poop or animal poop it eats like allmost everything) gay they actually eat there own babies which are maggots why is it gay ?


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why would people eat venus fly traps, the fly traps eat insects.

A fly will eat another fly if it is dead. if it is not dead then the fly will not eat another fly. Flies will eat dead flies because it makes them stronger

Voltures can fly and eat animals ,they are carnivores,she only eat animals

There are many many different types of flys. And for each type of fly there is something different that it will eat from the others. So yes there are fly and fly larva that eat live plants and fly or fly larva that eat dead plants.

Reindeer don't fly and nothing they eat can make them do so

a fly eats by it's feat

a fly eats by its feet

a may fly larvae will eat agale. a adult mayfly does not have a mouth.

Any organic matter, especially if rotten.fruit fly eat fruit and Pomace fly eat blood.

a fly could eat whatever it would like to eat. but be super s to give it something

They may eat a dead fly, but only if it's fresh. They're more likely to eat a live one.

No. Not 1 ladybird is gonna do that.

Sometimes it does it fruity fly?

Yes but if I were you, I wouldn't eat one.

Open your mouth when you see a fly. In your lifetime you will eat at least 8 flies and spiders in your sleep.

flys land on your food they taste your food with there feet and if they like it they will eat it and then regeritate it on your food, thats why your not meant to eat food after a fly has landed on it, in other words fly eat anything

they eat other insects to they dont only eat flys so during the winter if there is a fly around or another insect the eat it

Butterflies can fly but caterpillars mostly just eat.

mostly a fly cause the fly goes into their webs

eat dead animals and fruit

Venus fly traps do eat insects and sometimes the bigger ones even eat small birds.

yes they do flips and eat with their tails and eat them alot :)

no in fact the bearded dragon will eat the fly.

flydragon flysmall flysmall butterflywater bug

they eat magical unicorns in the sea and can fly

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