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What does a fuel pump strainer look like on a 90 crx?

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It looks like a big tea bag about 6 inches long and 3 inches wide with a white color. when you get it brand new it will be flat with a spout at the end of it to plug it in on the bottom of the fuel pump.

2008-02-29 17:14:38
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Q: What does a fuel pump strainer look like on a 90 crx?
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Where does the fuel pump strainer go for a 1990 Acura Legend?

Fuel pump strainer goes on the end of the fuel pump assembly inside the fuel tank.

Is fuel pump relay same as fuel pump strainer?

no the relay sends power to the fuel pump,the strainer sits on the bottom of the pump its like a little fine filter so you dont suck up crap from the bottom of the fuel tank

What does the fuel module on a Chevrolet Malibu control or affect?

The fuel module consists of the fuel pump, strainer and the sending unit. The fuel pump pumps the fuel, the strainer filters the fuel,and the sending unit sends a signal to the dash gauge as to how much fuel is in the tank.

How often should the fuel filter on a Jeep TJ be replaced?

Actually there is no servicable fuel filter on the Jeep TJs. Like many other Chrysler products the only thong that resembles a fuel filter is a strainer on the bottom of the fuel pump. It's really not something to worry about until the fuel pump quits working. The strainer should be replaced whenever the pump is.

Your fuel pump went out on your 93 Lumina you replaced the pump and the strainer sock on the fuel pump assembly After replacing that stuff you can here a noise that the fuel pump is making when drivin?

check that the fuel pump is not loose

Where is the fuel filter located on a 2001 Mazda Protege?

From the look of things theis car does not have a fuel filter. The only filter that has to do with the fuel seems to be in the fuel tank. A 2001 Mazda Protege (actually, all models from 1999-2003 including the DX, LX, ES, Mazdaspeed, and Protege 5) does not have an inline fuel filter. The only fuel filter it has is a "strainer" or a "screen", which looks like a nylon mesh "sock". This strainer is connected to the fuel pump, located in the gas tank. Although this fuel strainer does not require periodic replacement, it is recommended that it be changed if you are replacing the fuel pump.

How do you replace the fuel pump strainer on a Cadillac DeVille?

you neglected to put the year, but I assume it's somewhat recent with an electric fuel pump un the fuel tank which is where the strainer filter is . Now the actual fuel filter is outside the fuel tank The fuel strainer cannot be replaced without replacing the fuel pump which is in the fuel tank. If you are lucky there may be an access plate in the bottom of your trunk. Remove the the access plate and you will be able to see the wires that connect to the fuel pump in the tank. Disconnect the battery first then disconnect the wires to the tank. In many cases the fuel pump is held in place by a half turn twist lock ring. Once that is loose (use only non spark producing tools)you simply lift it and the pump out. You will see the strainer on the bottom of the pump. You may be able to buy replacement strainers, but most if not all are worthless compared to the OEM strainer that comes with a replacement pump.

How do you clean a fuel filter on 1998 dodge neon?

The fuel filter on a 1998 Dodge Neon is not a serviceable (or cleanable) type. It's more like a "screen" or a "strainer" that attaches to the base of the fuel pump assembly which sits inside the gas tank. To get to the fuel screen, you need to take the entire fuel pump assembly out of the tank. If you are replacing the entire fuel pump, then it's definitely recommended that the fuel strainer be replaced at the same time. Although the strainer looks like a washable nylon mesh, it's not recommended to do so since by now it's over 10 years old and fully saturated with old fuel and contaminants. A new strainer normally comes with the fuel pump assembly, but you can possibly also buy it separately (from the dealer) for about $40.

What does the fuel pump switch 97 blazer look like?

It does not have a fuel pump switch. It has a relay and a fuse for the fuel pump.

What does the fuel pump look like on a 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser?

The fuel pump is not visible. The fuel pump is inside the fuel tank.

Where is fuel pump strainer located?

Usually on the bottom of the pick up in the tank.

What does a fuel pump relay switch look like?

The fuel pump relay switch looks like the normal electric switch. The function of fuel pump relay switch is turn the fuel pump on.

How do you change the fuel filter on a 2002 Lexus rx 300?

You have to remove the fuel pump from inside the gas tank. The fuel filter and inlet strainer are attached to the pump.

Does a 1999 Toyota Tacoma have a fuel strainer?

A 1999 Toyota Tacoma (4 cyl or V6) has a fuel strainer which is attached to the fuel pump, located inside the gas tank. It normally does not require periodic replacement, but should be changed if you are replacing the fuel pump. The fuel strainer typically costs between $15-20, depending on brand and where you purchase it. OE Toyota number is 23217-0C010.

How can you tell in a 89 Chevy Caprice that the fuel pump is going out?

If the fuel mpump is out of order, when you turn the key and stop turning before cranking, the pumps make a noise in the fuel tank. Fuel pump in fuel tank inChevrolet design is a thing to look carefully. Any doubts about , you have to change the pump and the strainer and also the fuel filter.

How difficult is it to change a fuel pump on a 2001 Chevrolet Malibu?

The fuel pump comes as a module. It consists of the fuel pump, the sending unit for the gauge and a strainer. You will have to lower the gas tank to be able to access it.

Where is fuel filter for 97 dodge truck?

The filter is part of the fuel pump/strainer/pressure regulator assembly in the fuel tank.

How many fuel filters on a 4 cylinder 1991 ford tempo?

One fuel filter and a strainer on the fuel pump pickup.

What does the fuel pump for a 1998 Ford Escort look like?

The fuel pump is inside the gas tank.

Why cant you get your gmc2001 jimmy to take fuel?

It's the fuel pump, the filter, or the relay. The relay and the fuel filter are pretty easy to replace - look under the driver's side door. The fuel pump looks like a metal cylinder with a black hose coming out of either end. The relay is a black rectangle mounted near the fuel filter, about 3"x4". The fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank, and it has a strainer at the end (if you replace the pump, always also replace the strainer). The fuel pump is on top of the fuel tank. Dropping the fuel tank is fairly involved. There are 2 straps under the car that have to be unbolted, screws inside the fuel door, and either 2 or 3 lines that have to be unscrewed from the top of the fuel pump. It *REALLY* helps to have the car up on a rack to do this. The fuel lines are prone to get stuck from rust/age and if you bend the lines, then you are scr...d... I got a sending unit and fuel pump for $65 from a junk yard, and a strainer from a car parts place for $15 (always get a new one).

What else usually has to be replaced with a fuel pump?

Always replace the fuel pump strainer and the fuel filter....that is usually it. That and make certain that the tank doesn't have rust or sediment in it. Short fuel pump life is a sign of crud in the tank.

When going up a hill why does a car starts choking?

Likely fuel starvation, restricted fuel filter or fuel strainer or a fuel pump problem

Do you need a fuel strainer on fuel pump on 1985 corvette?

yes definitely. if any sediment,dirt or debris hits the vanes on the pump it will jam it and fail.also called fuel sock

Your 98 jeep Cherokee dies occasionaly you changed the plugs wires rotor cap and button could it be the fuel strainer or fuel pump?

The fuel strainer of fuel pump in the Cherokee could be bad. It could also be an electrical problem. Run a test of computer codes to see if a problem shows up.

Do you need to replace the strainer or fuel filter when you replace the fuel pump in a 1998 Ford Taurus?

The 'strainer' sock that covers the intake tube on the end of the fuel pump.Inspect the one you have - if it looks bad, has tears or physical wear, it might be a good thing to change while you're there.A check at one source shows the strainer is only $12... I'd go for it.