What does a game warden do?

A game warden rescues animals and they arrest people. =^..^=

If working for the Wildlife Division, they are assigned a WMA that they manage. Management duties include but are not limited to planting food plots, patrolling campsites for violators, maintaining roads throughout the WMA and working hunts on the WMA. Also tagging bear, deer, checking hunting and fishing license, when on call answer pages about complaints dealing with bear, deer, and other wildlife animals. For the record just because you see a bear walk across your backyard a game warden will not come out to your property to trap the bear. If the bear is a nuisance, damaging property then a warden will come out and assess the area to make sure that the person complaining is not attracting the bear with food, pet food or bird seeds. If you are leaving these things out and attracting wildlife and you don't correct the issue tickets can be written which is another duty of a game warden.