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Many things! You can feel excited, happy, sad, mad, overjoyful, horny, tired, and many many more!!!!!!

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โˆ™ 2006-03-29 02:47:30
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Q: What does a girl feel during sex?
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Can you feel a pens inside you?

That's why a girl moans during sex she can feel what is going on hope this helped..

How can during sex one find whether a girl is virgin or not?

It is practically impossible to tell if a girl is a virgin during sex. Breaking the hymen is not something you will usually feel or detect, despite the rumors around this.

What does it mean if you have pain during intercourse and bleed after?

girl wil feel that her boy friend to be close with her after sex

Does sex feel good to a girl?

yea it does alot feel so good to a girl

Can guys feel semen is released everytime during sex?

Yes, guys can feel semen being released during sex.

Why a girl blood out during sex time?

because it just happens like that if your no your period

What do girls feel during sex?


How do you drive a girl insane during sex?

Ask the girl.

How a girl will feel if she doesn't satisfy with her partner in sex?


What do you do if you feel horny?

go have sex with a guy or girl!!!!! or masturebate!!!!!!!

Who gets a lot of fun during sex girl or boy and why?


Do guys feel pain during sex?

They shouldn't

Does a virgin girl bleed during or after sex?


Can a girl be pregnant if sex is done during periods?


Does penetration during sex hurt?

It should feel good.

You cant feel anything during sex why?

because, your WEIRD

Why do you get sharp pains during sex?

It must feel that good

What are good sex questions to ask?

if your a guy: its in. can you feel it? if your a girl: have you put it in yet? i can't feel anything.

Does sex feel good if you are 13 years of age if you are a girl?

Hunni at 13 you shouldn't even be thinking about sex

Why young girl feel sick after sex?

She no like sex with person can't speak English correctly. Retard

Does a girl have an oragasm the first time during sex?


How a girl can satisfy a boy during sex?

Try not to fart

What does it mean when a girl calls you papi?

The leader during sex?

What is the major part of body of girl during sex?

The Vagina

How do you know if a emo girl like you?

She crys during sex