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It's telling you that it's time to shift to a higher gear.

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Q: What does a green arrow on the far left side pointing up mean on a Saturn dash?
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What is the Saturn 2000 dash icons with arrow pointing down over bumps?

Coolant low or sensor may be off.

What is the orange arrow pointing up on dash of 1990 wrangler?

Upshift indicator.

Where is the engine coolant temperature sensor on 2002 Saturn SC2?

On the bottom right of the dash, looks like a box of explosives with a push down lever, with a an arrow pointing down at a wavy line

What is the light on the dash board that is a red box with a squiggly line and an arrow pointing downward in the middle?

low coolant

What do the dash lights mean in a 97 Chevy Cavalier i have a red one popping up with an arrow pointing down towards water?

low coolant

What does a box with an arrow mean on your dashboard This engine warning light comes on your 1992 Chevrolet Corsica?

my 92 Chevrolet corsica has a rectangular signal that appears on my dash. It is a box with wavy lines at the bottom of it. there is an arrow pointing downward. What does this mean. There are no pictures of this symbol in the manual.

How do you type an arrow pointing left or right better than the approximation by caret and dash like the up and down arrows resulting from Alt plus 24 or 25?

Alt 26 = →Alt 27 = ←

How do you beat campground dash level 2?

put a right arrow on the left side of the broc.,then a right arrow on broc.,then a down arrow on the left side of the right arrow,last a right arrow on the pepper.

2001 jeep grand Cherokee The left turn signal works sometime s and not other times When it works the blinker light works and the green arrow light on the dash works when it doesn't work no light on da?

on the dash board

What does the petrol bowser icon in the car dash mean?

that icon usually works with a light when fuel is low. also sometimes has arrow pointing to the side where filler is. other times, depending what side of dash cluster it is on determines side of fuel filler.example is if on left side of cluster, filler is on left side of vehicle

How do you beat level 1 on camp lazlo campground dash?

you put a right arrow on the onion,an up arrow 2 spacces after the apple,then another right arrow above the up arrow

Where is the BCM in a Saturn?

The BCM is mounted under the Saturn's dash. It is located on the drivers side near the kick panel.

Where is the 1999 Saturn body control module?

There is no BCM in a 99 Saturn......2000 it's under the dash pad

What does the arrow on the dash board mean?

if your car is manual it means to shift up. if it's pointing left or right it means you have your turn signal on. if you're going down the road with that on, you might want to shut it off after you make your turn.

What is the dash light which is a square box with an arrow pointing down to what looks like water on a 1998 Chevy Malibu?

You need coolant. This happened when my water pump went bad and I needed to refill the coolant.

In drawn to life how do you dash?

hold down the b button. do this while using the arrow keys to dash in different directions.

What is a good rainbow dash and rainbow blitz fanfiction?

On an Arrow and Cross

What does the yellow up arrow mean on the jeep wrangler dash?


Why does my left turn signal dash green arrow not work?

Bulb could be burned out or one of bulbs on outside could be burned out or switch in steering column not working. Bulb could also be loose on board, either way the complete dash will have to come out to fix it.

How do you remove the radio from the dash of a 1997 Saturn SL2?

with a hammer and sickle

What is the timing mark?

It is a dot, dash, line, or arrow that is used to "time an engine".

What does it mean when a red arrow is pointing down to water appears on the dash of a Chevy Cavalier?

Sounds like your coolant is low or your coolant level sensor could be sticking closed after the coolant was low. with the dexcool coolant it becomes thick and cause the sensor to stick closed.

Vw lt 46 dash light circled arrow?

that yellow light circled arrow is immoliser warning light.most prob faulty key.

Where is the blinker relay on a 2000 Saturn SL?

mounted under center of dash

Which mark on camshaft sprocket to align for timing belt?

It is normally a dot, arrow, or a dash.