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Click on the link to see what a green pepper plant looks like.

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How does green pepper look like?

green pepper looks like green pepper

What does a yellow hot silly pepper look like?

A hot silly pepper is a plant in moshi monsters. It grows to look simply like a stalk with a yellow pepper on the top.

What does a coffee plant look like?

It has green leaves with red and green berries on it

What do the blooms look like on green bean plants?

Blooms on a green bean plant look like small, pretty flowers.

What does papyrus plant look like?

the papyrus plant is a tall water plant that is green and looks like a feather duster when young

What does a green bean plant look like?

it has leaves and is green n stuff. beans come off it.

What would a person look like if it had plant cells parts?

he/she would be green because chloroplasts are green.

What does a small cucumber plant look like?

Green and Leafy with little spikes

What does an oat plant look like?

long green grass that has seeds on the end of them

What does the rosemary pea plant look like?

the common rosemary pea plant looks like a bush of poky green stalks.

What does a balsam fir look like?

a balsam plant looks like a short ' green bush

What does the plant look like?

The World Is Blue And Green Made From Life And Water That Is How The Earth Look's Like.

What plant has a green seed a half inch in size and round in shape?

You have waaaay to little information to try identify this plant. how tall is the plant is it a shrub or a tree what do the flowers look like what do the leaves look like

What does pepper look like?

It really depends what type of pepper you mean.

How do algae makes a water look like clean?

Algae is a very small plant that is green so when you get enough of it in the water it makes the water look green

What organelle does photosynthesis in a plant cell and what does it look like?

Chloroplast. It has chlorophyll and it is somthing green and round

How does cotton growwhat does the plant look like?

Cotton grows on a small bush-like plant. The plant has dark green leaves and is generally about 3 feet in height. The cotton contains the seed of the plant.

How do a seaweed plant look like?

it is a dark green plant which could grow up to 1.5m long it lives at the bottom of the sea

What do a full grown male weed plant look like?

They usually look like regular weeds; ugly , green , tall , and has a bunch of leaves....

Why do we see green when we look at plants?

We see green when we look at plants because all the colors of the sunlight are absorbed by the plant except green. The green light is reflected back giving the green color to the plant.

What does a noseem look like?

noseem look like a speck of light brown pepper

Why do plants look green?

The chlorophyll in the plant reflects green light.

What do pimentos look like?

Pimentos look similar to a pepper. They are red, and resemble a smaller version of the red bell pepper.

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