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What does a ground bee look like?

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Click on the link to your right for a picture of a ground bee. == *go to to get a full decription (sp.)

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What does a underground wasp bee or hornets nest appear to look like from the ground surface?

A Hole

What does a ground wasp or bee nest look like?

it looks like a little nest with a thing that holds it on top.

What does bee striker look like?

it looks like a bee

What does a killer bee look like?

a killer bee looks like a normal honey bee.

What do bees look like?


What do you call a muddy bee?

A muddy bee is a ground bee. A muddy bee is bees that live in the ground.

What does a queen bee look like?

Just like a worker bee but it is about 30% longer.

What does it look like when you get stung by a bee?

it look like a red buggar

What bug looks like a dragonfly and bumble bee?

what insect look like a dragon fly and a bee

What does a black bee look like?


What do flying cockroaches look like?

it looks like a bee

What does the inside of a bee look like?

they have some stuff that look sorta like a jell in them.Also

What does a honey bee look like?

smaller than a bumble bee and larger than a flea!

What does ground hornet look like?

Yellowjackets live in the ground and look just like wasps.

What bee lives n the ground?

Bumble bee

What does a barbed bee stinger look like?

like a normal bee but with a a hook at its backside and when it extracts it from the skin its poison sack come out

What bumble bee hives look like?

natural hives look like what you see in cartoons all lumpy and whatnot. man-made bee hives look like your average sized dresser but contain bees instead.

what does a bee sting look like on the ankle?

The same as any other bee sting anywhere on your body.

What is a bee fly?

A bee fly is a member of the fly family Bombyliidae, with adults which look like bumblebees.

Can you sting some one with bee power on super Mario galixy?

No, you can't, though you can ground pound, like the other bees do. Maybe if you're a bee, ground pounding is the same as stinging.

What do ground squirrels look like?

They look like a chipmunk

What does a ground squirrel look like?

They look like a chipmunk

What do bluebanded bee look like?

Like this:

How does bee look like?

Bees have stripes that are black and yellow.

What does a bee look like up close?

Vladimir Putin