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There really is no such thing as a healthy relationship, as every one has its flaws, and every one has a different definition of 'healthy'. However, as long as there's no abuse, lots of fighting, or second thoughts; then I'd say you're okay in your 'healthy' relationship. :)


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Healthy lungs are full and pink.

Conflict is not healthy for a relationship it cause negative energy

they look like a shinny sold rock a smooth one

there is no exact way for a healthy person to look everyone in the world looks different.

A healthy relationship is happy. A healthy relationship is honest and helpful.

Yes, but if it is a healthy relationship then they will also have friendship and activities within the relationship too.

The perception of the family regarding healthy relationship is is that there should be trust in that relationship. Also, it should be a friendly relationship

They look at healthy or healthier food and see what they like and incorperate it into there diets

A healthy foot is skincolour, has no growths on it and doesn't hurt when you walk

Like a parabola. Not "like": it would be.

im in a healthy relationship

The guy and girl both need to do their part in sustaining a healthy relationship:)

It is supposed to look like a S so eat right and keep hydrated.

Confess to your lie, any healthy relationship is based on truthfulness and trust

Are you in a relationship? If so, then it will be strained. Don't even worry about it. If you are in a relationship that is healthy enough to work through the strains, then you are in a good and healthy partnership.

Well, you need to eat healthy and have a good, balanced diet & keeping fit.

Sounds like you have some issues to work on together and if they do not get resolved you will never have a healthy relationship. You nag because your partner is not pulling there fair share in the relationship. Relationships are NOT 50/50 they consist of giving 100% of your self and each other to one another. There can be no selfishness and has to have consideration, compassion and caring. If you dont have those you might want to look for someone that is willing to give what it takes to be in a healthy relationship. Good luck.

don't be, you should communicate with your parents for a healthy relationship

You can keep healthy through a varied diet, exercise, and a healthy relationship

A secondary Relationship is anything outside of the primary relationship. If you have a wife(Primary or should be) and a girlfriend(Secondary). This is what a secondary relationship would look like and this is an inappropriate relationship.

A healthy relationship is one that is beneficial and makes you happy. An unhealthy relationship is one that causes you unnecessary stress, frustration and despair.

Not a healthy relationship.. that's for sure

There is the healthy and unhealthy relationship. A healthy relationship is when you respect someone, is trustworthy, honest, has integrity and so on. An unhealthy relationship includes disrespect, rude, dishonest, mean, and so on.An unhealthy and healthy relationship includes friends, boyfriend and girlfriend, and more.affair (a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship)

you answered your own question get out and stay healthy

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