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What does a heat rash look like?

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Heat rash looks like a red cluster of pimples or small blisters. It is more likely to occur on the neck and upper chest, in the groin, under the breasts, and in elbow creases.

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How do i get rid of my dogs rash?

Where is the rash and what does it look like?

What does a poison ivy rash look like on a dog?

How does a rash on dog look like after Poinson Ivy

What is a rash on trunk that looks like goosebumps?

GO TO THE DOCTOR. heat rash

What does dust mite rash look like?

A dust mite rash looks like an area of small red bumps. These areas can be quite large in size.

How do you treat heat rash?

The best way to treat a heat rash is to get out of the heat. You can also put a cold wash cloth on the rash.

What does meningitis skin rash look like?

It generally starts as a few small spots then grows to look like bruises. Take a clear glass and press it against the rash. If the rash doesn't fade, it is a sign that it is a meningitis rash.

What is the medical term meaning heat rash or prickly heat?

Miliaria is the condition commonly known as heat rash or prickly heat.thermo "rash"miliaria

What does lamictal rash look like?


What does cancer rash look like?

It's a rash that is not symmetrical Check with your doctor to be sure

What does the rash from a browntail moth caterpillar look like?

Rash from a browntail moth caterpillar?

Is heat rash contagious?

Heat rash is not contagious, actually. Heat rash is caused by friction and sweating, so if it's hot and humid, you have a chance of getting heat rash in your armpits, between your legs, and on your butt.

What does a dust mite rash look like?

it looks like this

Rash in my thigh?

i have a rash on my thigh look like a big bite but in don't hurts or itch.

What does a rash from penicillin look like?

It is diffuse measles like rash. They probably call this rash as morbilliform rash. Any type rash after tablet penicillin should be taken as penicillin allergy. Never use penicillin in such patient.

What does bartonella rash look like?

Stretch marks.

How does a posin ivy rash look like?

Not good.

What would a skin rash look like if you had a sensitivity to a chemical in a pool?

It may look like hives. A red rash with tiny bumps that may or may not be itchy.

Is Clindamycin Phosphate Topical solution used for heat rash?

Heat rash does not need antibiotics.

Why do you get facial rash when you go into heat?

itz because of the heat sensitivity of your skin so then you get a rash like eating something wrong or you get alote of achnee for no reson or your skin iz bad

Can an std rash on your penis look like poison ivy?

Yes a STD rash on a penis can look like poison ivy. Herpes and poison ivy may have a similar appearance.

What does creatine mono-hydrate skin rash look like?

rash spots all over the body.

What are the common signs of a heat?

the folllowing checklist can help you recognize the heat related illnesses like heat stroke,heat rash,heat cramps and many more....

Can clindamycin hcl 300 mg be used to heat rash?

Heat rash doesn't need antibiotics.

Can a rash look like genital herpes?

A rash may look like genital herpes. The best approach is to get examined as soon as possible. A delay may make diagnosis more difficult.

Is a heat rash an allergy?

No, no it is not.