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==Kick Him Out== Kick him out. See comment in discussion area.

2006-08-03 04:09:45
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Is adultery illegal in Indiana?

No, adultery is not illegal in the state of Indiana. However, it used to be. In 1976 the adultery laws were removed from Indiana.

Is your first cousin twice removed a close relative to you?

There is no precise definition of who is a close relative and who is a distant relative. Your first cousin is probably a close relative. Your first cousin, twice removed, is the grandchild of your first cousin. Whether that person is close or distant probably depends on how close you have been personally to that family.

Can a cousin be removed from a family?

Cousin is a relative. No you cannot 'remove' a relative from the family, they share a common ancestor and it isn't possible to change it.

Is it possible to have a felony conviction removed from your record in Indiana?

Only if a Pardon is granted.

Is your third cousin once removed related?

Yes they're a distant relative

Is it possible to have a Indiana felony removed from your record if you live in Missouri now?

You would have to file the request with Indiana, where you were originally convicted. MO will not be able to help you.

Do you think a first cousin three times removed is a distant or close relative?

Some people consider a first cousin three times removed to be a close relative; others say this is a distant relative. To a degree it depends on why the question is asked, but also on the cultural and ethnic group you are asking the question in.

What relation is your cousins granddaughter to you?

She would be your first cousin, twice removed. "Twice removed" means that the relative has two of the same great-grandparents as you.

Is a first cousin twice removed a close relative?

Whether a first cousin twice removed is a "close relative" is a matter of opinion and depends in part on why you are trying to determine that. Many people would not consider this to be a close relationship, but others wold.

According to genetics is a first cousin twice removed a close or a distant relative?

A first cousin twice removed does not have a particularly close genetic relationship.

Is first cousin once removed your relative?

Yes, the fact that you can define them as a first cousin once removed means you are related and share a common ancestor.

How do you reduce melanin in body?

Prior answer was removed as its incapacity to cite a comparable answer to the relative inquiry at hand.

Were Roosevelt and Churchill cousins?

Actually, they were cousins, albeit distant ones. According to genealogists, Winston Churchill and FDR were seventh cousins once removed on FDR's mother's side. I don't know what this means so please don't ask. ----------- I don't know anything about FDR being related to Churchill but I can explain how based on the other answer. A cousin is someone whose bloodline relative you share is a Grandparent. A second cousin is someone whose bloodline relative you share is your Great-Grandparent. When a relative is "removed" it means that you are separated by a generation. EX: My Father's first cousin's children are my second cousins. The same man is also my first cousin once removed. We are both direct descendants of my Great-Grandfather, but we are in "removed" generations. SO--- FDR and Churchill have very a distant relative and are, somehow, separated by one generation.

How long will you be removed froma club penguin server?

If you don't move or anything you will be removed after 10 minutes.

Can the frenulum be removed?

Anything can be removed however there would be no known advantage in doing it to either the tongue or the penis.

How long does an Indiana pouch last?

Indiana pouches are permanent. They are made to hold urine in patients that have had their urinary bladder removed. Since the removal is permanent, the pouch needs to be permanent too.

What can you get sick from after your tonsil been removed?

anything to do with swallowing or food.

What do you call a relative who is the child of a cousin?

The child of your first cousin is your first cousin, once removed.The child of your second cousin is your second cousin, once removed.And so forth.

How can you get a DUI off your record in Indiana?

You can move to have your record expunged. It's not easy to have it removed when the charge and conviction were legitimate.

Who is the closer relative a first cousin fourteen times removed or fourteenth cousin once removed?

Both kinds of cousin are about equally distant and it is rarely worth the effort to try to quantify that.

What is the relationship when we describe a relative as a cousin once removed?

There is a difference of one generation between the two of you. You and your cousin share a common grandparent. That would make you first cousins once removed.

What are roasted cacao beans with the seed coats removed called?


Can you have the Frenulum removed but not circumcised?

You can have anything done to your body. but there would be no point in it.

Can you freeze dulce de leche that has been removed from the can?

you can freeze anything

What is removed from the blood in the kidneys and excreted in urine?

anything the body does not need.