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There is no telling, every meaning to a tattoo will vary from person to person.

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What is the meaning of a jester tattoo?

Some of the meanings of a jester tattoo are that the person who has the tattoo is a prankster, witty, or overcame a sickness or other hurdle in their life. The meaning of a jester tattoo can mean different things to the person that has the tattoo. Some people get the jester tattoo just because they like the look or design of the tattoo itself.

What does the name Jester mean?

A jester is a clown. Please don't name your kid clown.

What is the meaning behind evil jester tattoo?

I am someone with more then a couple, Evil and normal looking jesters. I just like them, But like the answer to the "What does a jest tattoo mean?" Tattoo's mean something different for each person who has the tattoo, Each of mine stand for different places and events throughout my life, I guess to help me remember the good and bad times.....

What did giuliani mean in medieval times?


What does rectangular prism mean?

jester tropa

What is the meaning of a Jestere tattoo?

Jester tattoos mean different things to different people, however, some of their more popular meanings include mischievousness and playfulness. They can also symbolize triumphing over a challenge.

Does an infinity tattoo mean you are gay?

No, an infinity tattoo does not mean you are gay.

What does a pink diamond tattoo mean?

a pink diamond tattoo mean love.

Does the cherry tattoo mean that your gay?

No. A cherry tattoo does not mean a person is gay.

What does the five star tattoo mean?

what dose star tattoo mean on shoulders

What tattoo mean new beginning?

a dragonfly tattoo.

What does a nautical star tattoo on each arm mean?

What does the nautical star tattoo mean

What does a pegasus tattoo mean?

When people get a tattoo, there is often meaning and remberance attached to the tattoo. The meaning of a pegasus tattoo is that of loyalty.

What does a tattoo around the whole neck mean?

Depends on what the tattoo is of

What does Vladimir Tod's tattoo mean?

His tattoo is his vampiric name

What does Sergio busquets tattoo mean?

The tattoo is dedicated to his grandfather.

What does a tattoo stare mean?

Are you sure you don't mean Tattoo Store?If you do - a place where Tattoos are given.

What did the jester eat?

the jester ate fish :)

What is the birth name of Jester Hairston?

Jester Hairston's birth name is Jester Joseph Hairston.

What does a boot print tattoo mean?

It may mean the person sporting the tattoo may be a Bootblack or into Boots.

What does jester mean in dance?

A court jester was an individual in the medieval period who would be part of the King's court and would say or do comical things to elicit laughter. Often, a jester would wear a particular uniform that was very silly for added effect.

What does a star tattoo on a girls wrist mean?

no idea what they want tattoo

What does Kiro Cullen's tattoo mean?

Yes...... he has a tattoo behind his neck

What does raccoon face tattoo mean?

The person with the tattoo likes raccoons?

What does it mean to be in jest?

to be joking, playing around or tricking someone- think jester

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