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I got a Quote A year ago for $91, Bare with no decals. This is just for the green part, not the front grill or mounting hardware.

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How can find the model number for john deere riding mower?

First look and see if the decals are still on the hood of the riding mower, if they are there those are the number of your mower.If the hood and/or the decals are missing then you need to find the serial number, which is located either directly under the steering column, at the back on the rear axle, or near the front on the side frame.Once you have located your serial number, look at the number. It should begin with the Prefix M00 and then the model number of the machine. For example if you find this serial number (M00318X222001) you would have a John Deere 318. Hope this helps.

How do you identify a John Deere tractor?

You can identify a john deere tractor by it's green bonnet(hood) and cab and it's yellow wheels. It also has john deere written on the side of it's bonnet(hood).

How do you remove the hood on John deere stx38 lawn mower?

Open the hood and look on both sides near the hinges. There is a spring on each side. Grab the motor end of the spring and pull the end off of the bracket. Once you have both springs removed, lower the hood about 3/4 of the way and pull the bottom front of the hood forward off the hinges.

What kind of oil to use in a 13.5 hp Murray select riding mower?

If you raise the hood of the mower up it should have it on the yellow detailed sticker of mower. Normally 10w30

How do you remove hood on John Deere lt133?

Open hood. Remove two bolts (one on either side) near hinge point of hood. Close hood. Remove two bolts holding hood assembly to front of frame from underneath. Remove hood assembly.

How much does it cost to replace the hood of a 2002 Honda Accord?


Where is the battery located on a 2003 Buick le Sabre?

AnswerUnder hood at front section of engine - I believe passenger sideIt is definitely located under the rear seat on the right side, not under the hood.

Where is the voltage regulator located on the john deere gt275?

On my GT275 it is located up inside the firewall with two carriage head bolts. If you are standing on the left side of your mower with the hood up (hood to your left hand), look to your right and you will see a panel in front of the steering wheel it will have a bundle of wires going into it. The regulator is mounted backwards so your hand will have to go up inside to remove it. The regulator is about 3" inches square. its a small aluminium box with cooling fins on it. I found a replacement from a Kawasaki web site for $47.00. John Deere wants $147.00. Easy to replace if you can use tools.

Where does the battery go on a 1947 John Deere Model G tractor that I'm restoring?

On a battery tray in front of the operator's platform but still under the hood. Contact your local John Deere Dealer for a parts diagram.

How much a restaurant hood to go over a 4x2 grill should cost you including installation?

The cost to install a hood over a 4x2 grill ranges between 500.00 and 1000.00. The cost of the hood as of 2014 ranges between 3500.0 and 5500.00.

What is the average cost for a welding hood?

The average cost of a welding hood depends on the brand of the manufacturer and the company or individual from which one buys it. On average, welding hoods will cost $100-$200.

How do you open the hood of a 1993 Buick Le Sabre when the cable is broke?

shove a 5 year old child up between the front and the radiator... and have them open it

Fusible link location on 97 Buick Le Sabre 3800?

There will probably be several fusible links. They should be under the hood as well as possibly under the dash. Check in the inner fenders and close to the under the hood relay box.

Where is the fuse box on a john deere LX188 garden tractor?

Under the hood, up under the dashboard. However, I can't find which fuse does what.

How much does a suicide hood cost on a Ferrari Enzo Review?

i dont know what you mean by suicide hood.

How much are John Deere tractor decals at Tractor Parts Inc.?

There are several package for John Deere decals. For the complete deal kit the prices range from $46-69. As for the Hood ID Deal Kit prices range from $12-45.

How much does it cost to replace a hood?

The cost to replace a hood depends on the make and model of the vehicle that needs a hood replacement. Depending on where the part is purchased from, the price can run from around $200 to more than $1000, plus the cost of labor if the job is done in an auto repair shop.

How much does it cost to replace the hood hydraulics to a Volvo 960?

The hood hydraulic lifters run about $80 for the pair.

How do you open the hood of a 1993 buick lesabre if the inside latch won't work?

I had problems with my hood latch on a 1993 Le Sabre. My mechanic showed me how to open the hood. Pull the lever back just enough to pop the latch. Do not pull the lever any further than that or it will not work. Once you get the hang of it you will have no problems. Good luck.

Ac relay 93 Buick park avenue?

AC relay is on the far left passenger side under the hood on a 93 Buick Le Sabre also. About $9.00 from Nappa.

How much does it cost to paint the hood of your car?

A professional paint job for a hood will generally run between $600-1000.

How much does it cost to replace a hood on a 2001 Hyundai Tiburon?


Whats the cost/benefit analysis on hood duct cleaning?

I've heard about hood duct cleaning. What are the benefits? What should I expect to pay?

Does a John Deere 316 hood fit a John Deere 318?

Yes it does. Most of the hoods from the John Deere tractors of that era are interchangeable. Here's a list of the hoods that will fit the 318: 200 series: 200, 208, 210, 212, 214, 216 Early 300 series: 300, 312, 314, 316 Kohler, 317 Late 300 series: 316 Onan, 318, 322, 330, 332 400 Series: 400, 420 The hoods for the 200 and early 300 series mowers are slightly different than the hoods for the late 300 series. They will all fit a 318, but the hood used for the late 300 series uses a different type of headlight lens than the hood on the 200 and early 300 series. The hood for the 200 and early 300's has a lens that just covers the front. The hood on the late 300's wraps around the front. Hope this helps!

How much does it cost to wax your snowboard at mt hood meadows?


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