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What does a king of spades tattoo mean?

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Reverse of Queen of Spades tattoo. Generally a male who prefers Black women. Was told this by a Black female swinger who dates mostly white guys.

The ace of spades means that the person with the tattoo(or more commonly patch on their leathers) will fight to the death in defence of their club. A friendly word of warning... Believe it when you see it.

The ace or king of spades are typically gang tattoos. I once worked for a tattooer transplanted from California, and he told me that the ace and king of spades are gang tattoos and should not be gotten by anybody who isn't looking for trouble. Same principal as not getting a 13 tattoo in the state of Ohio, as the PAGANS biker gang holds the number 13 in High regard, and would question and beat your ass should you have one tattooed on your person "just because".. But to answer your question more specifically, an ace of spades tattoo with a K inside of it symbolizes a gang member who has killed for his gang at least once.

The "ace of spades" with a Q in it refers to the interracial dating scene. It denotes a caucasian woman that is interested in black men for sexual liasons.

King of Spades - novel - was created in 1966.

Arange the 4 kings in this order spades grapes. Hearts and diamonds, the king of diamonds is about to get killed and the king of spades is the only one that notices the murder

In a standard deck, there are 13 spades and 4 kings and 1 king of spades.

It shows a white woman's preference for black men.

Confederate General Robert E. Lee was nicknamed "King of Spades".

Something sb. has in spades means Sb. has plenty ofsomething. Ex: They had financial trouble in spades.

In a pack of cards their are 4 suits, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades. Each suit has cards numbered 2 to 10 in it and an ace, jack, queen and king. The 8 of spades is therefore the number 8 card from the spade suit.

Goodrich Dirt King of Spades - 1918 was released on: USA: 17 June 1918

My interpretation would be that you are the best of the very best.

There are 4 aces (spades,clubs, diamonds, hearts) and 13 spades (2-10, ace, king, queen , jack).

four. king of spades, king of clubs, king of hearts and king of diamonds

The Ace of Spades is the "Death Card", in the psychic world.

There are 2 - the king of clubs, and the king of spades.

4 King of Diamonds King of Spades King of Hearts King of Clubs

No, an infinity tattoo does not mean you are gay.

Spades - King David Clubs - Alexander the Great Hearts - Charlemagne Diamonds - Julius Caesar

its a card in a card deck

a pink diamond tattoo mean love.

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