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Koi Dragon Tattoo

The koi fish in Japanese folklore represents the overcoming of obstacles, because the koi fish travels up the yellow river and when it comes to the end of the river it transforms into the dragon; thus overcoming the adversity represented by the strong river to fufill its own destiny.

The Koi is the symbol of strength and will, the will to go against odds to reach the destiny. And the Dragon is the power and ferocity. The mystery and Aura.

The Koi Dragon is all about a re birth or new start/ begining. I.e. After a divorce/ bereavement signalling a new chapter in a strong willed persons lifrte. Thus enabling them to move on and start afresh.

Edit: Most of this is correct except actually it is a waterfall that a Koi climbs. Not a river. For the waterfall represents challenge in life. If the koi can manage to climb said waterfall he will become a dragon. Another words if one is able to overcome obstacles/challenges they will be greater for it

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Q: What does a koi dragon tattoo symbolize?
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What does a butterfly koi tattoo symbolize?

A butterfly koi tattoo can symbolize a great many things. A butterfly koi can symbolize faith, trust, hope, and love.

What des koi tattoo symbolize?

Check out the link

Koi fish and dragon tattoo meaning?

There are many different possible meanings that could be behind a tattoo of a Koi fish and dragon. These could represent power and agility for example.

What does a black koi fish tattoo symbolize?

Before you can get into the what the color means, you need to understand the meaning of what a koi fish tattoo is. Koi themselves are a symbol of strength and face danger with out fear. It is said that in Japan's Yellow River the koi's swim upstream to a waterfall. Most koi turned around and swim back with the current or gave up, but there were some that stayed to continue swimming upstream and conquer the waterfall. After one hundred years one determined koi jumped to the top of the waterfall. His reward was that the God's turned him into a beautiful dragon. The waterfall is now called the 'Dragon's Gate', and each koi that makes it to the gate becomes a heavenly dragon. Colors of koi fish in tattoos symbolize and play a big role in what each koi fish has accomplished in life. Black koi fish tattoo is a symbol of successfully overcoming a obstacle in ones life. To the Japanese this also symbolizes the men of the family.

What does a blue koi fish tattoo mean?

A koi fish tattoo can have many meanings. It can symbolize bravery, romance, strength, power, luck, and friendship. A blue koi fish symbolizes calmness, and peace.

What does a bamboo and koi fish tattoo symbolize?

Koi fish is a good luck symbol Patricia McLean Hamilton, ON Canada

What does a green dragon tattoo symbolize?

A green dragon tattoo may symbolize various things. In most cases, this is used as a symbol of a guardian which might be good or evil.

What does a dagger and dragon symbolize?

A dagger and dragon tattoo can symbolize several different things. It can symbolize courage, strength, or perseverance for example. Tattoos are very personal, and each person has their own beliefs as to what their specific tattoo symbolizes.

What does a blue koi tattoo symbolise?

Koi symbolize strength and courage. Black Koi, the father; Orange/Red, the mother; Blue/White for a boy; and red/pink for a girl.

What does a White Dragon tattoo symbolize?

The symbolism of a white dragon tattoo can vary from culture to culture. In Japan, a white dragon tattoo symbolizes one of the four elements, Earth, and the direction south.

What does blue symbolize in a dragon tattoo?

it symbolizes being a fairy

What Japanese tattoos symbolize children?

Japanese tattoos of Koi can symbolize children. In Japan the have a special celebration called Children's Day in which they raise koi flags. Another tattoo would be of the Japanese kanji for children.

Is it true that a Koi arm tattoo should be on the left arm never the right to symbolize good karma?

No !!!

What tattoos symbolize determination?

The Japanese koi fish is a symbolizes determination and courage. They make a great tattoo

What does an Eastern dragon tattoo symbolize?

it means power, protection, wisdom

What do the colors on a koi fish symbolize?

What do the colors on a koi fish symbolize

What does a tattoo of a fighter fish mean?

The most common Asian style fish that people get tattoos of are the Koi fish. Koi fish tattoos symbolize good fortune.

What does the sun on the forehead of a koi fish tattoo symbolize?

It symbolizes your heritage, your culuture, and the background that you once or still come from

What can go with a koi fish tattoo?

depending on where it is, you can put a dragon above it as in Japanese mythology a koi is a baby dragon that transforms once it makes it up a stream (I can't remember which particular stream)

Is it bad luck to have koi fish and dragon tattoo together?

as long as the Tiger looks fierce

What direction is the koi fish tattoo supposed to face?

The koi fish should always travel or face up. The koi travels upstream until it reaches the beginning and then turns into a dragon.

If a husband and wife have the same dragon tattoo what does that symbolize?

they both like dragons?

What does a koi fish and dragon tattoo symbolize?

Koi: There is a Japanese/Nihongo myth that says if a koi fish is capable of climbing the walls of a waterfall, a point called "Dragon Gate of Yellow River" that it would be transformed into a dragon. So, in essence, the Koi fish tattoo is supposed to symbolize advertisement and aspiration. The koi also represents strength, good fortune, and eternal wealth. Dragons: They are similar to a ying/yang symbol. They represent the elements (Water, Fire, etc), the directions (East, wast, etc), and the Sky and Underworld. They are a balance that leaves them almost neutral, so they are neither bad nor good. Though, they are often seen has "bad tempered" though is still associate with neither bad nor good. They are highly associated with Buddhism.

What does a dragon tattoo symbolize?

A dragon tattoo symbolizes strength, courage and beauty. Even though dragons are seen as quite fierce creatures they are strong and fearless, beautiful and colourful.

What does a Japanese tattoo of a dragon and a phoenix together symbolize?

unity between man and woman