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'Florentine' normally means cooked with spinach - I don't know why. An example is 'oeuf florentine' which is an egg baked in a dish of spinach.

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Q: What does a la florentine mean?
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What vegetable is found in an A la Florentine dish?

Spinach is the signature vegetable of an a la Florentine dish.

What is alla florentine?

a la Florentine means "with spinach" or 'in the style of Florence (Italy).

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What is the name for food served on a bed of spinach?

Several dishes where food is served on a bed of spinach are called Florentine. Such as eggs Florentine or ham Florentine.

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What is the meaning of florentine?

Florentine has two meanings that I know of. 1. A chewy biscuit (cookie) with a lot of fruit and glace cherries. It often has a chocolate coating on one side. 2. It can mean 'cooked with spinach' such as the dish called 'oeuf florentine' which is an egg cooked in the oven on a bed of spinach. Hope this helps.

What is the major ingredient that is in Eggs Florentine and Trout Florentine?

Spinach, Onion and Cheese are what they have in common.

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