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The Lion King

What does a lion's name mean?

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The word " lion " simply means, " King of beasts "

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Lions are predators and very mean. They will attack and kill and not like a house cat or pet.

Do you mean a pride of lions? A group of lions is called a pride.

American lions,Europea cave lions,Barbary Lions, African lions,Asiatic lions.

A group of lions is called a "pride".

Pride. We saw a pride of lions.

A group of lions are called a PrideA group of lions is called a pride.

in volume 8 of Naruto, Sasuke uses lions barrage. Does shishirendan mean lions barrage?

Yes, lions are always a shade of brown, if that is what you mean.

the lions name is union jack and it means alot of courage

The name of the Egyptian's goddess of lions, fire and vengeance is Sekhmet.

Young lions are called cubs.

A group of lions (or lioness') is called a PRIDE

Baseball had the Tigers,so the football franchise selected Lions.

Some animals (including lions) are carnivores. They eat meat. They actually cannot live on a vegetable diet, and would starve. Lions are not mean- they are hungry.

alpha male alpha male is only the name of the head lion. the other male lions have to specific name that I know of.

The name for a female lion is a lioness.

If you mean who is then that would be the lions

Lions typically live in the open and do not built a den.

In small pits in dry soil, their other name is "ant lions".

Lions are commonly called lions, but there may be colloquial names for them in different countries. The scientific name is Panthera leo.

Do you mean, are lions mammals? Yes, they are mammals because they are warm blooded and the breathe air.

Mountain lions do not live in the tundra but I am unsure what you mean by summit.

Three Lions comes from the the three Kings called Richard. The first being Richard the Lion heart. A name he got from the crusades, where the crusaders wore the cross of Saint George over their armour.

The name "African" refers to any animal or other object that originated in Africa. The name "Lion" refers to any animal belonging to the taxonomic classification Panthera leo.