What does a lotus flower tattoo symbolize?

The lotus flower symbolizes LIFE or SOUL.

I got a tattoo about half an hour ago saying "De La Soul" in fancy writing, a famous hip-hop group from the 70's...they also happen to be one of my favourites, De la Soul means "of the soul", the lotus flower means life/soul, next week I'm going to be getting a lotus flower added too as the lotus is a connection to the word soul, i thought this is the perfect tat for me.

(Correction from Matthew Glosser: The author of the answer above states that De La Soul is a famous hip-hop group from the 1970's. This is incorrect- De La Soul is a hip-hop group from the early 90's. Their first album wasnt released until 1989. The author claims De La Soul is one of their favorite musical acts, so much so that he or she got the group tattooed on his or her body, yet the author does not know even the most basic information about the group. There is a huge difference between a music group from the 70's and a music group from the 90's.

Also, regarding the lotus flower: It has come to symbolize many things in eastern culture. Purity is the most common of these symbols as ancient eastern spiritual leaders and philosphers were impressed by its abillity to grow from the mud, unstained or from the water, untouched. The lotus is also a symbol of non-attachment, a pillar of the Buddhist philosophy. Despite the author's claim that the lotus flower "means life/soul", these are not common symbols attributed to the lotus flower.)