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An engineer who works in manufacturing will help design a process or hardware required for fabricating a part. A Manufacturing Engineer may have a degree in Industrial Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. Industrial Engineers usually work with time studies to help speed up a process such as on an assembly line. Mechanical Engineers will work to improve a process. Engineers are also used to monitor the Quality of a product. For example, a company that makes parts that are plated such as aircraft parts or electronic parts, must constantly test and monitor the plating baths for the correct chemical contents. The Manufacturing Engineer has to work closely with the Design Engineer so that he can ensure the part can be made the way the designer intended.

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Q: What does a manufacturing engineer do?
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What is the difference between mechanical engineer and manufacturing engineer?

Manufacturing is a specific branch of mechanical engineering that deals with manufacturing processes.

Is there a promotional outlook meaning is there a higher job to be in then as a manufacturing engineering technologists?

You could be a - manufacturing engineer - design engineer - manufacturing manager - quality control engineer - quality control manager - vice president - president

What is the abbreviation of manufacturing engineer?


How much does a manufacturing engineer make a year?

a lot

What type of degree do I need to qualify for a manufacturing engineer job?

To qualify for a manufacturing engineer job is a minimum of a Bachelor of Science degree from the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology. According to, , it is also helpful to have a master's degree in engineering as well as on the job experience.

What subject to you use to become a mechanical engineer?

manufacturing technology

What materials engineer jobs are available in California?

There are a lot of materials engineer jobs are available in California such as composites sales, manufacturing engineer, project manager, materials engineer and so on.

What is the average salary for a manufacturing engineer?

5,000 every two weeks.

What engineer job starts with the letter l?

Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

What are the opportunities for a civil engineer in car manufacturing companies?

Very slim.

What are your rights and responsibilities as a potential engineer?

our rights are that we have the freedom of manufacturing and our are that we must respect the clients and those involved with the design and manufacturing.

What is the salary for an engineer based on specialty?

== == Aerospace engineer Chemical engineer Computer engineer Electrical engineer Electronics engineer Field engineer Manufacturing engineer Mechanical engineer Oceanic engineer Process engineer Structural engineerContributors have said:many factors? Race/Gender/age location all maybe factors, Best guess - $83,623 (average) The sky is the limit

How many years does it take to become a manufacturing engineer?

At least 3 a university level.

What are some common production engineering jobs?

There are plenty of production engineering jobs available out there. Some common ones are an industrial technologist, industrial engineer, and manufacturing engineer.

Do you need a college degree to have a manufacturing engineer job?

Yes, you do need a college degree to have a manufacturing engineering job in most cases. Many jobs, including and require, at minimum, a Bachelor of Science.

How much does a manufacturing engineer make?

3 billon dollars a year It depends on your level of experience and education. An experienced (5 years or more) manufacturing engineer with a 2 year degree or better, could land a job as a senior manufacturing engineer (average pay $78,000 / year). For similar experience in a manufacturing engineering job or process engineer the average pay is closer to $55,000/year. Of course, it also depends alot on your location...average is just that, average. There may be some areas that pay closer to six figures, and some that pay closer to $30,000/year depending on the industry and demand for jobs.

Manufacturing Engineer Careers?

A manufacturing company is one responsible for making raw materials into a useful finished product. This process wouldn�t be successful without the aid of a manufacturing engineer. There are different kinds of engineers needed in this kind of company. They are plant engineers, product engineers, and process engineers. The overall role of the engineer is to watch the procedure, check the materials and make sure that the procedure is cost-efficientive. He is also responsible in allocation of work and maximizing the production. The responsibility of the manufacturing engineer differs from every industry and every company. To become a manufacturing engineer, the person must have a degree and the school should be accredited in the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. Aside from the education, the aspiring manufacturing engineer should be good with communication and able to think clearly in critical situations. He must possess a leadership skills and good in decision making. The person should also undergo some training to attain some experience in the real world. This will help the person to advance in his career. Many manufacturing companies are providing on the job training for manufacturing engineer that�s why it is certain that engineer has always room in manufacturing world. He will be taught about product planning, product growth, product testing, product analysis and product preservation. It is important that the person love the technicalities, enjoys challenges can handle pressure because this job has a lot of these. Another great factor in becoming a manufacturing engineer is the person can earn higher wages than the other people who finished other degrees. However, the amount of the salary still depends on the experience of the person and the state of the industry that person is working in. A manufacturing engineer has an advantage on working in other different types of industries because the primary rule in manufacturing applies to almost all of the companies in this area. This kind of profession requires a person to be always updated with the new techniques to make the work easy, fast and cost efficient.

What is the special hardware and software needed in Engineering and Manufacturing?

sir , i am computer hardware engineer, and find job

How much money does a manufacturing engineer earn in Malaysia?

RM1900 for a fresh grad. RM3500~RM4000 for 3/4 yrs experience. RM4001~RM5500 for managerial level engineer.

What does a maintenance engineer do?

maintenance engineers plan the routine maintenance of equipment & machinery,maintenance engineer work in manufacturing ,production or transport and may use computerized system to scheduled the work

What does MTE mean in Compuer field?

I suspect it means Manufacturing Test Engineer, at least in one job posting.

How do a manufacturing engineer dress to go to work?

Some companies demand that manufacturing engineers wear a suit and tie to work. Others have a more relaxed dress code. Depends totally on the company.

What is manufacturing engineer?

they do nothing but sitt on there buttt an lick popcicles and get fat understand you dont wanna be one and become a loser

What qualifications are needed for chemical engineer careers?

Chemical engineers can do things ranging from design equipment to supervising manufacturing activities. To be a chemical engineer you need knowledge in chemistry, mathematics, and mechanical and electrical engineering.

What is site mechanical engineer scop of mechanical engineer?

Mechanical designer do from basic or concept design to a finish product output to market including these activities: concept design, modelling, simulation, drafting, manufacturing, and after market activities.