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What does a miscarriage look like and how do you know when you had one?

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2007-10-12 22:22:23

'I was almost 5 weeks pregnant when I had my miscarriage. I found out I was pregnant on a Monday I had taken 3 pregnancy tests the 2 from the dollar store were negative and the one expensive super high tech one was positive. On Wednesday I started spotting. At first it was just a tinge of brown. I knew it wasn't implantation because I had already experience implantation spotting the previous week. The brown spotting slowly got redder and redder and it was about as heavy as my regular period. I was very tired and I had very mild cramping. On Friday I passed a clot that wasn't like any I had seen before it seemed like it had tenticles or veins. The clot and the veins were the same color and consistency. I knew at that point I was having a miscarriage. About a few hours later I passed a small sesame seed type of tissue, it was grey. The miscarriage was not painful like described and there was not heavy bleeding either. When I saw a doctor he told me it was his gut feeling that I had miscarried. But I still felt pregnant and I couldn't help but hope that it was wrong that maybe I was carrying twins and one was still there. After numerous beta tests my hCG finally dropped to not pregnant and there was nothing to do but cry and wait to try again. It's been three months since. I still cry sometimes, but now we can try again. The miscarriage definatly changed me. I went from silently making fun of baby crazy women to being that baby crazy woman. Baby pictures surround my office and its all I can think about sometimes. I used to dread baby showers because they are boring, but now I dread them because its hard to not feel jealous. I also find a LOT of pleasure in nurturing people now more than I have ever felt. I feed people and try to make them feel better. It is weird how certain events can change people so quickly. I know whoever is (still) reading this might be feeling very sad just know that miscarriages are more common than you think and you will get to be a mommy soon. '

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