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What does a mortgage declaration page look like?

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its a paper stating all of the coverage that you have for your insurance policy. if you ever need a declaration page you can call your insurance company to obtain one. they should give it to you free of charge.

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You will find the homewoners declaration page in your homeowners insurance package. The declaration page is a summary of the insurance you have paid for. The declaration page details out the coverage you maintain on your property.

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There is a document called the loss payee clause. Each lender needs their own clause, they can't be combined as one document. So yes there is a requirement for the second mortgage to be listed as a loss payee. Before a loan can be funded, first or second mortgage, the prospective lender will ask you for your homeowners declaration page. They will than contact your second mortgage lender and make sure that they are listed as a lienholder.

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Forced placed insurance coverage is insurance that is put on your property without your control because you either don't have the insurance you are required to carry or the mortgage company has not received a satisfactory copy of the insurance declaration page. You are responsible for paying for this coverage as they add it to you mortgage account balance. The forced placed coverage on covers the balance of the money owed on your mortgage and does not cover anything else like your contents are not covered, liability is not covered, etc. Only the banks interest is covered and the price is extremely high especially when you consider what they are actually covering.

I had the same question about the declaration page. I would try to explain but I would just be repeating what this dude says in a video, and he says it much better than I could: I thought it was cool that a lawyer took time to make a video like this that doesn't have to do with law.

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