What does a pack of cigarettes weigh?

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Just a Tad Over 1 Ounce. 1.1 Ounce Reply: One 1 lb bag of RYO cigarette tobacco fills approximately 3 cartons of cigarette shells. 200 shells per carton. 600 cigarettes per pound so 16 ounces divided into that is .03 ounces per cigarette or 6 ounces per carton. so 0.6 ounces per pack so the shell weighing .4 to .5 ounces makes sense I guess. Metric scale to .001 ounce needed.
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How much did a pack of cigarettes cost in 1977?

I was wondering about this too. Here is a site to check costs: http://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics/tables/economics/cigtax.htm Around 1970 it was an average of 38 cents a pack - probably around $3.50 a carton and a bit higher through vending machines. I remember paying 45 cents a pack at ou ( Full Answer )

How much does a pack of cigarettes cost?

In the US, between $4 and $6 dollars depending where you buy them. But many states tax the sale of cigarettes heavily. A pack ofcigarettes in New York City costs an additional $4.25 per pack incity and state taxes! In Britain, approx 5 pounds

How much is a pack of cigarettes?

In America right now, 1 pack is somewhere around $7 with taxdepending on what kind you buy and where you buy them.

How much is a pack of cigarettes in Virginia?

It varies depending on the brand. Silver Eagles, which are bottom of the line cigarettes cost 2.50 with tax in Northern Virginia. Camels, Newports, and Marlboros cost around 4.00-4.40.

When did cigarettes cost 50 cent a pack?

In 1972 I remember buying them in a machine at a gas station for my "babysitter"... for 50 cents. I quit smoking in 1978 and cigarettes were 55 cents a pack then.

What is the average cost of a cigarette pack?

In the US, between $4 and $6 dollars depending where you buy them. But many states tax the sale of cigarettes heavily. A pack of cigarettes in New York City costs an additional $4.25 per pack in city and state taxes! In hotels they can cost 10$ usd

Why pack cigarettes?

Most people pack cigarettes in order to make the tobacco tighter. When the tobacco is tighter, the cigarette burns slower and therefore lasts longer. Some people do it as a nervous habit as well.

What does a pack of 200 cigarettes weigh?

that would be a carton, and I'm not quite sure what it Weighs, but i know it's 10 packs. that would be a carton, and I'm not quite sure what it Weighs, but i know it's 10 packs

Why do cigarettes come in a pack of 20?

Packaging and being "user friendly". The pack of 20 fits into the mans shirt pocket nicely. If there were more than 20, it would be too wide to fit. Don't know how this would affect the ladies.

What was the Cost of pack of cigarettes in 1971?

back then the cigarettes would be 25% the price less than it costs right now! No way, they were a LOT cheaper than that. More like 80% of what they are now. They were like .45 a pack. You're both wrong. In 1971 try .25 - .30 per pack. Cigs weren't .45 till 1977. Cigarette machines were alwa ( Full Answer )

How much does a pack of cigarettes?

Not exactly sure how you were going to finish the question, but here ais an answer: A pack of 20 cigarettes generally costs between $3.50 and $5.00 (for popular/widely available brands). I buy Djarum Blacks from time to time and they're around the upper bound: $9.00.

What are the dimensions of a pack of cigarettes?

A standard pack of Marlboro cigarette measures 8.5 centimeters high, 5 centimeters wide and 2 centimeters deep. However, there are special versions, some of which are slightly smaller than these dimensions, while others are a little bit bigger. source: http://www.dimensionsguide.com/malboro-pack- ( Full Answer )

What is the cheapest pack of cigarettes?

the cheapest pack of cigarettes sold here in central California is Pokers! 2.00 a pack for the tax hike the will take affect in April 1sth of 2009

In NJ what does a pack of cigarettes cost?

Cigarettes in NJ are constantly up and down but they never go lower than 6.00 and hardly ever over 10.00 unless your in NY. i usually get them for about 6.90-7.80

What is pack year in cigarette smoking?

A pack year is smoking 20 cigarettes a day for one year. Numberof pack years = (number of packs of cigarettes smoked per day xnumber of years smoked)/20. For example: a patient who has smoked15 cigarettes a day for 40 years has a (15x40)/20 =30 pack yearsmoking history. (1 pack has 20 cigarettes). . ( Full Answer )

How many pack of cigarettes are there in a ream?

a ream of cigarettes is usually defined by a total of 10 packs or packets, which usually contain 20 cigarettes each, making it 200 cigarettes per ream. however, with the existence of 10 cigarette packets, the no of cigarettes per ream has been in dispute. many hold that 200 cigarettes is still th ( Full Answer )

Weight of one pack of cigarettes?

Each cigarette is about 1 gram. So 20x1g=20g in a pack. This is approximate, obviously different for drier, wetter, 100s etc.

How much is a pack of cigarettes in Georgia?

Well if you're not some kid, just go to the gas station and find out. But usually somewhere around 4 dollars. Give me a ten and I'll go get them for you kiddo. YOU RECEIVE NO CHANGE.

How much is a pack of Marlboro cigarettes?

Different in different countries of course. In England, I bought a pack today for £5.72. well expensive. When I went to Italy, a 20 deck of Marlboro cigarettes was 4.30 euros. Online is more cheaper, you can buy 1 carton for$15.99 - $17.99.

What is the cost of a pack of cigarettes in WI?

Well. I'm not in WI. But this question isn't the easiest to answer, it depends on what brand they are. around here, your good brands like: Marlboro, Camel, and Newport. etc. are generally around 6-8 dollars depending on the store they're bought from (excluding any promotional deals they may have. ( Full Answer )

The cost of a pack of cigarettes in 1950?

Around $AU0.20 for a regular pack of 20 cork tip including tax. In 1963 the Australian Government increased the tax by four cents per pack raising the price of Peter Stuyvesant from $AU0.33 to $AU0.37.

How much is a pack of cigarettes in Colorado?

A pack of cigarettes like Camels or Marlboros run from $5-6. There are cheaper cigarettes though, like Pyramids and Shields. They run from $4.50-5.00.

What is the code on bottom of cigarette pack?

The age of the cigarettes. On Philip Morris products the first 3 numbers are the day of the year it was made, and the forth is the last digit in the year. ex V 081 Z 0 5C6 was made the 81st day of 2010. I am not sure how to read other packs though.

How many packs of cigarettes in a cartoon?

Usually 1 pack contain 12-20 cigarettes. 1 cartoon = 10 pack, so 1 cartoon usually 120-200 cigarettes. source : http://www.lexcigarettes.com

Can you pack cigarettes in my suitcase?

No, that is for you to decide also. You may not want to start smoking if you don't already because of some major health risks. Also, if you smoke currently you may want to look forward to quitting.

How much do one pack of cigarettes cost?

It depends on the brand, where you buy them from, and sometimes trade (dollar value) I can buy a pack of Canadian Classics for $9.35 at one store, and down the road its $10.15. That's almost a dollar more for the same smokes!

What was the cost of a pack of cigarettes in 1995?

well the pack of cigs i used to get were marlboros but they cost me like 1.35 a pack..and 14.00 or so for a carton of cigs....depending on the state and taxes back in 1995...

What is the average cost of cigarette pack in KY?

I will not tell you, and hope someone else will not too, as you shouldn't smoke dude! You ever seen how young people die from smoking? Ever seen people wasting thousands a month on cigarettes? You probably have! In the mirror! Dude, get someone to help, seriously, smoking isn't something people fin ( Full Answer )

Did cigarettes have pennies in the pack?

No. But in 1912 cigarettes sold for a nickel a pack. Yes. In the 1950s, when one pack sold for 23 cents, there were two pennies in the space between the cellophane wrapper and the paper pack. Most parents would let their kids keep the pennies if they ran to the store to buy smokes.

When did a pack of cigarettes cost 75?

I remember when a pack of cigarettes used to be 75 cents in 1982 in Chicago. That price is a far cry from the modern pack price in the Windy City. lol

How much a pack of cigarettes in 1982?

The cost of a pack of cigarettes in 1982 varied by brand, as they do now. Most could be purchased for under $2.00. You could buy a pack of smokes, a large coffee & a gallon of gas and get change back from a five dollar bill.