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A paralegal career is a good fit for those interested in grammar, legal terminology, typing, listening, analyzing data, researching, writing documents, and continual learning. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for paralegals and legal assistants was $46,680 a year in 2010. Paralegals are employed in various organizations, such as Law firms, Corporate legal departments and Government agencies. Organizations need specialized employees to help lawyers prepare for hearings, trials, and corporate meetings. These employees perform a variety of tasks from conducting legal research to drafting documents. Since these invaluable employees are needed to keep legal costs down, the growth outlook is this field is good.

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Q: What does a paralegal do?
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Can I get advice on how to become a paralegal?

To become a paralegal you must go to paralegal training. The basics of the legal system are taught.

How do you spell paralegal?

That is the correct spelling of "paralegal" (legal assistant).

How do you say im a paralegal in spanish?

Soy un procurador - I am a paralegal (male). Soy una procuradora - I am a paralegal (female).

Do they offer online classes to become a paralegal?

Yes, paralegal classes are often offered online. The Paralegal Institute,, and National Paralegal College,, are just 2 of the many.

Is a college degree required to get a paralegal job?

A college degree is not required to get a paralegal job. A paralegal needs plenty of experience. It's also good for the paralegal to take some courses or classes.

Where can I go to school to become a paralegal?

To become a certified paralegal, you need to go to a paralegal school or take online courses that offer the same training. Some of the schools include The Paralegal Institute.

What is paralegal duty toward clients?

A paralegal does not have a duty to the client. The attorney has a duty to the client. The paralegal has a duty to the attorney or firm that employs him/her.

In what ways are you suited to become a paralegal?

In that ways are you suited to become a paralegal?

How can you use paralegal in a sentence?

This coupled with a current paralegal qualification is prerequisite.

Which state you have to have a licensed to work as a paralegal?

Which state you have to have a licensed to work as a paralegal

What is more marketable paralegal or social work?

paralegal..... simple economics

Can you get a job as a paralegal with only a certificate in paralegal studies?

Most entrants have an associate degree in paralegal studies, or a bachelor's degree coupled with a certificate in paralegal studies. Some employers train paralegals on the job.

Which form of a paralegal licensing would require that every paralegal would have to meet minimum standards in order to practice as a paralegal?

general licensing

what is paralegal certification and its uses?

Paralegal certification is a legal certification. You can get paralegal certification through complete the courses of this certification. Aim of this certification is to help the people. Paralegal give help to lawyers when they are preparing for corporate meetings.

How much does a paralegal make per month?

how much does a paralegal make in a month?

Does an paralegal get paid by the claient too?

A paralegal is the employee of the attorney and is not paid by the client.

When was National Paralegal College created?

National Paralegal College was created in 2002.

Where are paralegal courses at?

The paralegal certificate program can be studied best in National Paralegal College. The web site is which is demonstrative and informative.

Do I need to go to a paralegal school to become a paralegal?

Many schools do offer training for paralegals. You can try community colleges and universities for paralegal degrees.

Where can one get a paralegal education?

One must get the correct paralegal qualifications for a paralegal career. One can get the education and certificates needed from the National Paralegal College. They enable one to get the Associates Degree Program and Bachelors Degree Program.

Can I take the paralegal course online to get the credit or must this be done in person?

Yes, you can take the paralegal course online and all the requirements about the paralegal course go to following link.

I am looking to get my paralegal certificate and was wondering where I could find good paralegal courses ?

I used Paralegal School Guide to help me search for schools. There are quite a few online paralegal courses that are available that you might want to check out.

Which schools offer an online paralegal program?

Some schools offer online paralegal program. They include National Paralegal College, which allows one to have a paralegal certificate in 7 months, and a paralegal associate degree in 15 months, and bachelor in legal studies in less than 3 years.

Is an associate degree in paralegal studies good?

It is very good if you plan on a career as a paralegal.

What are the requirements for state of Missouri to be a paralegal?

it takes only five years to be able to be a paralegal

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