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A mature peahen (2 years old or more) lays a light beige or tan egg, often speckled with darker brown, that is 2 times the size of a store-bought Large Grade AA chicken egg. The peafowl eggshell is thicker, and the yolk is more orange and larger in proportion to the white than a chicken's egg.

Immature peahens (one year old) sometimes lay eggs that are chicken-sized.

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Are peacock eggs edible?

Yes. One peacock egg is about 3 times as large as a chicken egg. A peacock egg supposedly makes a perfect omelet.

Does a peacock hatch from an egg?

Yes, just like all birds.

Does the young peacock resemble the adult peacock?

No they do not. Baby peacocks look brown. kinda look like a turkey.

When was Peacock - Fabergé egg - created?

Peacock - Fabergé egg - was created in 1908.

What do peacock eggs look like?


Is a baby peacock born live or in an egg?

They are born in eggs, like all birds.

Can peacock lay egg?


If there is no bantam chicken to sit on peacock egg will peacock egg still hatch?

Most likely not, an egg of any animal has to maintain a certain temperature to hatch. Peacock eggs also have to keep a certain level of humidity to hatch.

What does an albino peacock look like?

You can see how it looks like here:

What does a seagulls egg look like?

An egg.

What does a snapping turtle egg look like?

an egg an egg

Why is the pavo constellation called the peacock?

Because "Pavo" is Latin for peacock. It was so named, not surprisingly, that with a lot of imagination, it can look like a peacock [See related link]

Which female bird does not lay egg?


How does peacock give birth?

Um.. they do the same thing like a chicken does? Pooh it out... it's an egg tooo?

What is a peacocks life cycle?

the life cycle of a peacock is like ours egg,chicks,youngadult, adult

What is the lifecycle of a peacock?

egg, peackick,adault peacock but I'm not so sure what comes after peachick

What peacock egg is bigger than ostrish egg?

none Ostrish eggs are the worlds biggest egg

What does a pill bug egg look like?

Well it a white egg that is really small.They can look like fertilizers.

How do you look like Hera the goddess?

The symbol of Hera is the peacock, so put peacock feathers in your hair. Also, wear a fancy stola.

What is the incubation period for a peacock egg?

about 28 days

What does a betta egg look like?

they look like little balls

What do egg and sperm cells look like?

Like an egg & miniature tadpole respectively?

What does a parakeet egg look like?

== ==

What are characteristics of peacock?

i think that a green peacock is just a normal peacock like a indian peacock

Does a pecock hach from an egg?

A peacock is a male bird that hatched from an egg. The female is known as a peahen.

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