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From what I have found out at a regular college you would take math classes mech. drawing and algebra need 8000 hours appreticeship then. I would find a school that specializes in helping with elec. so I hopped this helped ...go to for more info...this guy is good

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Q: What does a person take in college to become an electrician?
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How long does a electrician need to go to college?

a person who wants to become an electrician needs to go to a trade school, then take an apprenticeship with a bone fide company

What classes would I have to take to become a licenses electrician'?

Electrician licensing can be obtained in several ways. You can work as a journeyman or attend college courses for electrical engineering majors. Then you must pass an exam to become a licensed electrician. You will need at least a high school diploma to get certified. Then you will have to take a special course and pass an exam to get a license to become an electrical electrican

How long do you have to go to college to become a barber?

A person will have to attend a barber college in order to become a licensed barber. It can take anywhere from nine months to a year to become a barber.

How does one become an electrician?

There are two basic paths to becoming an electrician. You could start as an electrician's apprentice, or you could begin by attending classroom electronic training. From there you will want to study to take the test to get licensed as an electrician.

How long do we have to be trainees?

To be an electrician you would need to take a college course in that field. You can usually take it at a technical college, and it is usually a 2 year program.

How do you do elcetrician?

To be an electrician, you have to take Physics in High School and study Electrical Engineering in college.

What training does an electrician need to work in Texas?

You need to become a Master Electrician through the journeyman system and then take a test to verify competence.

If I am interested in being an electrician, where should I study?

If you want to become an electrician, you may want to take a few basic electronics classes in high school, or if you are past that age, a class at your local community college. You need to be able to understand what you are doing, and need to have a license in your area.

How long does it take to become a certified electrician?

It takes two years to become a certified electrician with a diploma or an associate degree. The apprenticeship programs on the other hand takes as much as four years.

How long will it take the average person to become a dentist?

four years of college and four years of dentistry school

What college courses do you need to become a choreographer?

What college courses do you need to take to become a choreographer

How do you become an electrical inspector?

Do well at school. There are specialized trade school or college courses you can take. It helps to have some experience in the electrical trade too. Work as an electrician for a few years. The pay is not half bad!

What is an apprentice electrician?

An Appretice is a rookie. He is learning the trade. He will be an appretice for 4 yrs., then he can take a test to become a Journeyman. Then after another 4yrs. He can take another test to become a Master

How do you become a rig electrician?

take a course to do with electricians, like bachelor of electrical engineering, then get a job in that sector.

How many years of college does it take to be a zookeeper?

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How do you become an educated person?

COLLEGE! You will get really nowhere without a diploma from college. IT'll take you father in the work force than just a high school diploma.

What college classes do you have to take to become a counselor?

There are quite a few different college classes you must take to become a counselor. You must take many psychology courses for example.

How many years in college does it take to become a painter?

It is not necessary to go to college to become a painter, but a 4 year college might do the trick!

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There are several types of classes that a person may want to take in order to become a make-up artist. If an individual wants to become a beautician who does make-up for normal individuals, he or she may take cosmetology classes. If a person wants to be a make-up artist for movie and film, he or she would need to take college level theater courses. There are college theater courses which are specifically for theatrical make-up.

How many years does a person need to go to college for to become a pediatrician?

It will take approximately eight years post bachelor's degree.

How many years of college to become a criminologist?

I believe you have to take 7 years of collegeto become a vet.

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about 10 years of college

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It depends what college you are going to.

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