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Soft, soothing and melodic when played gently. When played fast and firmly, it's sharp, breezy and hard.

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How would you describe the sound of a piano?

The sound of the piano can sound powerful and bold, yet it can sound sweet like a twinkle.

How are the electric piano and the normal piano alike?

They both sound like a piano.

What does an out of tuned piano sound like?

It sound really nice

Why is the sound of a harp soft in comparison to a piano?

It is plucked not hammered like a piano

How does the piano sound like?

play in a tune to form the sound of a melody

What is the sound of a piano?

The sound of the piano is like these sticks with cotton tips hitting string which tighten as they get higher which is why it is a percussion instrument

Does a synthesizer sound like a piano?

A synthesizer does not sound like a piano. You could create piano type sounds on one though. A synthesizer is basically a set of oscillators that modify a waveform to create a sound. There's a bunch of different types of filters depending on the type of synthesizer.

How does a piano sound?

It sounds good if you like pianos. i hope you do.

Which part of piano produce sound?

A piano produces sound just like a guitar. Inside piano either grand or upright has piano strings attached inside with every keys. When you hit a certain key, the strings vibrate creating sound that is very pleasing in the ear.

If a piano uses strings to create sound why is it considered a woodwind?

because the sound is like a wood wind instrument.....and because the keys on a piano also make the sound, just like the keys on a flute It's not a woodwind instrument. Piano sound doesn't involve wind. Organs are wind instruments. Pianos are percussion instruments.

What does the piano sound like?

Well, last time i heard a piano, back in 1944, it had a rough and awful sound to it. But it could have changed by now. Actually i believe that it is a very nice and calm sound.

What do the two accessory organs do?

They sound like a piano only better

How does playing the piano relate to science?

The piano, like any other instrument, creates vibrations which of course become sound. This is what relates to science - the vibration and sound instruments make.

What does a Xylophone sound like?

it sounds like a hollow,yet bright, and somewhat pingy piano.

Why does a piano note sound different from a violin note?

A piano has a top that traps the sound.

What sound does a harp make?

It sounds like a guitar but it is more gentle and calm.It is also like a piano because it has high and low sound.

What instrument can sound like wind and rain a piano or a whole orchestra?


What is unique about a Clavinova CVP digital piano?

The weight of the keys is what is unique about the Clavinova CVP digital piano. Even though it is a digital piano, the keys make it sound like it is a grand piano.

What type of piano do you use to play kelsey by metro station?

in the music video Blake uses and electric piano, probably changed the sound too so that it would sound like that

What is the complete subject in the sentence The sound of the piano mixes with the sound of the voices?

What mixes with the sound of the voices ? Subject : The sound of the piano. Correction is welcome, Thank.

What is the timbre of the piano?

The timbre of the piano is just like a "bo" that goes from low to high depending on which note it wants to produce. This answer is cr@p, I justheared the sound of the piano and I interpreted them.

Sound of piano?

The sound of a piano is very soothing to most people. It has a very unique sound that is not replicated by any other instrument.

What causes sound to come from a piano?

pianos need to be played by hitting the keys to make sound from the piano

Why is a piano made out of wood?

think about it. Would you like a piano made of stone? Plus, it would have been easier to obtain wood and shape that then to shape something like stone into a piano. Also think about the sound difference.

Why is a piano a chordophone?

Because It is the vibration of the strings inside the piano that produces the sound of the piano.

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