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What does a pig look like?

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A pig has four legs and a little tail (at the back). Pigs have unusually shaped noses, which are situated at the opposite end of their bodies to their tails. Pigs noses are flat at the front.

For pics of pigs, see Related links below.

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How the pig look like?

It look like that pig.

Why does riley look like a pig?

It depends. Does Riley's mother look like a pig?

How do you look after a pig?

you look after a pig by giving it milk and food like their mom does.

How does a pig look like when it is pregnant?

a pig looks big

What does a boy guinea pig and a girl guinea pig look like?

A guinea pig

What do fleas look like on a guinea pig?

On a guinea pig fleas look small and white.

What does Prodigy's girlfriend look like?

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What does a baby pig look like?

a smaller version of an adult pig

What does the cerebrum look like?


What do guinea pig butts look like?

buy a guinea pig and find out?

What does a gland in a pig look like?

an anus

What does a duroc pig look like?


What does cinnabars look like?

it looks like a spider pig.

What are the feet of a pig like?

They look just like "trotters".

Does Tepig look like a pig?

Yes, idiot. That's why its called Te-Pig

What do pot belly pig footprints look like?

Pot belly pig footprints look like the footprint of any other pig. There is a main section of the hoof that is rounded and three "toes" surrounding it.

Does H1N1 make you look like a pig when you have it?

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How does a female pig look like?

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What does a domestic pig look like?

A pig looks like a pink animal that is usually fat and has a rounded nose and a curled tail

How does an abyssinian guinea pig look like?

An abyssinian guinea pig has Rossets in its fur such as the images below:

What does a wild pig look like?

Please see the Related Link(s) for an image of a wild pig.

What does guinea pig lice look like?

You can't see lice on a guinea pig, they are too small.

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How do wild boar look like?

Its a wild pig. its can have horns.

What does guinea pig diarrhea look like?

Bad poo