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When two praying mantis' fight, the loser always gets eaten by the winner. The praying mantis is a cannibal.

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What does the praying mantis do after is eats?

After it eats, the praying mantis simply cleans its claws (or forelegs, or whatever you call them).

What will win in a fight a praying mantis or a fly?

The praying mantis will win when it eats the fly.

How many spiders can a praying mantis eat?

none as the spider eats the praying mantis.

Who eats a ladybug?

a praying mantis eats ladybugs

What eats praying mantis?

spiders can trap a mantis with its web.

How is a praying mantis good?

A praying mantis eats other insects, and since the insects that it eats are generally harmful insects, we benefit.

What role does praying mantis play in the nature?

The praying mantis is a predator that eats other insects.

Do praying mantis eat animals or plants?

a praying mantis eats bugs using it's pinchers as grabbing tools thus the name praying mantis

Is a praying mantis helpful or harmful insect?

The Praying Mantis is a helpful insect for it eats other insects.

What eats a praying mantis?

Other praying mantis, creobroters, European mantis and Larger brown mantis. also some birds will eat a praying mantis (humming birds and other small birds).

What insect eats springtail?

praying mantis

Does a praying mantis eat mosquitoes?

Yes, a praying mantis eats all kinds of insects, including mosquitoes.

What is the niche of the praying mantis?

The praying mantis is a predator that stalks its prey. It grabs its victims with its barbed forelegs and then eats it.

How do praying mantis find food?

well it finds a bug and raises its hands and eats it like it praying that's why it is called the praying mantis

Can praying mantis eat mice?

no they do not the mice eats them

What eats the assassin bug?

A praying mantis and a scorpion

Do praying mantis eats grasshoppers?

yes i think they do

What do preying mantas eat?

Praying mantis eats bugs

What animal or insect eats garden pests?

Praying Mantis

Which animal eats a hummingbird?

a praying mantis can eat a prayingbird??

What insect eats another insect?

Spiders and praying mantis do.

What insect eats other insects?

A insect that eats other insects is a praying mantis.

Does a praying mantis eat bees?

Siece a praying mantis eats any bug it can trap and eat,yes.A praying mantis CAN eat a bee. -The manti in my backyard basically live off of bees, so yes.

Is a praying mantis a decomposer or producer or consumer?

A praying mantis hunts and eats other animals, so it has to be a consumer.

What is a praying mantis' diet?

A Praying mantis eats basically bugs smaller than it. I saw a mantis eat a dragonfly, which is smaller. They sometimes eat other mantis's, too!