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Purolator L20081 oil filter will fit a 1963 gravely tractor L model with a stutabaker engine.I need one.

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No, it will not fit, you need a Purolator PL24011

Purlator l15313 oil filter what dose it

What auto does Purolator oil filter L14610 fit

Purolator builds a filter that will fit your Mercury. 4 cylinder uses the PL10241 V6 uses the PL24651

Purolator oil filter L25195 fits my 2001 Land Rover Discovery 2 and it may fit more models also.

A purolator L14620 is an oil filter. This model should fit most late model Honda cars. This type of oil filter usually sells for under ten dollars.

1985 mustang and more applications than this answer can fit.

I know it will fit a 2004 H2 Hummer 6.0L V8

Saturn/Chevy 2.2 ecotec engine

Purolator oil filter #L14615 replaces Wix #57830 but that Purolator oil filter is not available yet. The purolator company says the availability will be announced.

The filter is made by Purolator but that does not mean it is made as good as a Purolator. If it were my car I would use a Purolator filter.

Mine fits in my Mercruiser 7.4L MPI marine engine

Moto Guzzi motorcyles, big twins, 850 and 1000cc.

The Purolator oil filter L10111 fits several cars. A few of them would be the Buick Century, the American Motors Concord, Eagle and Spirit, the Asuma GT and SE, the Buick Electra, Lacrosse, and LaSabre.

Any name brand 5w30 weight oil and a quality filter such as Wix or Purolator. I use Pennzoil oil and Purolator filter.

go to purolator's website, use the application guide, enter the part number and the list will display all the applications that particular filter will fit.

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