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big round and deep

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Q: What does a rabbit hole look like?
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How can you find a rabbit burrow?

Go out in the woods and look for a hole; if a rabbit comes out of it it is a rabbit hole.If a skunk comes out of it, run.

Why does a baby rabbit look like a rabbit?

It's a rabbit, just younger. Of course it's going to look like a rabbit.

What did first rabbit look like?

a rabbit

In Sim Animals how do you get a rabbit hole?

the rabbit digs the hole

What do you call the hole in the ground in which a rabbit lives?

a rabbit den a rabbit hole It's a burrow

When was Rabbit Hole released?

Rabbit Hole was released on 12/17/2010.

What was the Production Budget for Rabbit Hole?

The Production Budget for Rabbit Hole was $5,000,000.

What do rabbit droppings look like?

rabbit droppings look like Nesquick cereal if you've never heard of it then it looks like smarties

What is the duration of Rabbit Hole film?

The duration of Rabbit Hole - film - is 1.52 hours.

What do hares look like?

a rabbit

What do Hare look like?

a rabbit

What does the term Rabbit Hole mean?

"Down the Rabbit Hole" means going on an unknown adventure.

How much money did Rabbit Hole gross worldwide?

Rabbit Hole grossed $5,839,592 worldwide.

What does a yellow jacket hole look like?

Like a yellow jacket hole.

What animal looks like a rabbit?

i think that except from the hares, also chinchillas look like rabbit

What does a snow rabbit look like?

they are white.

What is Alice's state of conscience when she she enters the rabbit hole?

She was asleep, so she entered the rabbit hole in a dream.

How much money did Rabbit Hole gross domestically?

Rabbit Hole grossed $2,229,058 in the domestic market.

What does rabbit footprints look like?

Like a hares but smaller

What does a boy rabbit look like?

Just like a female.

When cicadas emerge from their hole what does the hole look like?

its a hole about the size of a golf ball

Why do rabbit fill up there hole they make?

To keep predators (like snakes) from crawling in.

Why is the jackrabbit named the jackrabbit?

The Jackrabbit is named a Look like a jackrabbit because it must look like a jack and its a rabbit so they call the rabbit ,a jack rabbit . And that's how the jackrabbit got his name.

What is the hole in the ground made by rabbit?

They are called rabbit burrows,

How do you tell if your rabbit is a girl or a boy?

Carefully turn them upside down and gently use your thumb and forefinger to carefully push up the fur away from their..."butt". Then slowly push down and you will see the "holes". For males, the upper hole should look like a circle-shaped hole. The females' upper holes should look like a tiny vertical line. If the rabbit is over 6 months old, the males should have two bumps under the upper hole.