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Vehicle was in an accident and "totalled" at one time

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Rebuilt title mean?

It means the car was totaled by an insurance company and rebuilt (to hopefully roadworthy standards!)

What is a salvaged title mean?

Car has been damaged and rebuilt.

Can a car with an Illinois Rebuilt title ever become a clear title?

Only if you can un-rebuild the car. Once a car is rebuilt, it is rebuilt forever.

Can a rebuilt title be cleared and will there be any problems retitling a rebuilt title car if I buy one in Indiana?

no, once it has a reconstructed title it will always be...

What does rebuilt title mean?

The vehicle has been wrecked and then repaired (rebuilt) by a liscensed rebuilder. Sometimes the car wasn't smashed - it was a flood car. Regardless, it was damaged and then restored to operating condition.

How do you register a rebuilt title?

if the title is from the state you are registering it in, then you register it just like normal. if it is an out-of-state rebuilt title, then u have to check with your local DMV to see if it has to go thru any inspection first.

How do you get a rebuilt title changed to a clear title in Indiana?

Not possible, it defeats the whole point of having a salvage title.

How do you get a rebuilt title changed to a clear title in Florida?

You should Inquire at the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.

How could I get an insurance policy for a car with a rebuilt title in Florida?

no i don't think you can you can get a title for a total in florida

How much will you pay when you purchase a vehicle with a rebuilt title?

If you purchase a car with a rebuilt title or a salvage title you need to understand you are purchasing something that should have been scrape metal. They are worth but a fraction of what the same car with a clean title is worth. Save yourself the problems and walk away.

What to do if bought a rebuilt a kawasaki mule with a title but no VIN?

No tile to kowasaki

How can i get a clear title for your salvage car in California?

You cannot legally. Once a salvage always a salvage. At best you can get a "rebuilt" title.

Claims adjuster is saying my truck may be totaled it has a rebuilt title how much can I expect to loose Do you receive wholesale trade in or retail value minus the for rebuilt title?

I cannot answer your question but I do know that insurance companies use "fair market value" which means they can use the fact it has a rebuilt title in their concideration. If you do not agree with their estimate you can appeal it (may require a court visit)

Does any auto insurance in Florida cover car with rebuilt title?

I would not insured a rebuilt vehicle because no matter what there is always going to be an issue if the vehicle is totaled as to what the value of the vehicle is. You and I know that a vehicle with a rebuilt title will be worth less that a vehicle with a clear title. I would use a stated value policy to value the vehicle so that there is no misunderstanding if an accident occurred.

How to tag and register a certificate of destruction vehicle in Florida?

Yes, you must apply for a rebuilt title. This will require two VIN's and an application for rebuilt title. You could take two certificate of destruction of the same type of vehicle. or one title and one CD of the same type of vehicle to prove that the vehicle has been rebuilt. Also you can apply for a rebuilt title with only one vin if you kept all your receipts when making repairs to the vehicles. Bottom line you must show substantial repair. It's a well kept secret the tax collector doesn't want you to know. They will automatically say no you can not register a car with a CD. If you ask them for a application for rebuilt title, with the instructions, you will get all the information you need.

We bought a vehicle with an undisclosed Rebuilt Salvage Title in Kansas is there recourse?

In Kansas a private sell doesn't have to disclose a Salvage title

Where to get financing for a car with a rebuilt title?

Same places as a car with a regular title, your car will just appraise for less or be denied after inspection.

What does rebuilt salvage title do to value of car?

A rebuilt salvage title is issued when a vehicle has been declared a total loss. When that happens, the original title is "retired", and the salvage may be sold--often by an insurance company that paid the owner and acquired the salvage. As a way of recovering some of what it paid, the salvage will be sold by the insurer. The buyer of it may then repair the vehicle to make it road-worthy. The repaired vehicle is then issued a rebuilt salvage title in order to be "legalized" and used as a vehicle. The fact that it has a rebuilt salvage title will generally reduce the value of the car, because any buyer will know that the vehicle has at one time been totaled.

Do you have to carry full coverage on a rebuilt title with a lien on it?

Your lienholder will almost certainly require it.

What do you do if a dealer lies to you about a vehicle's title being clean and you find out that it has been rebuilt?

IF you are sure its rebuilt, call the attorney general in your state. Some states do not give rebuilt titles. If yours is one of those, they might not have lied. And they might not have known about the rebuilt part. Good Luck

How does a rebuilt title affect the value of a motorcycle?

You are going to look at roughly losing an extra 40-45 percent off of what the bike is worth with a clean title.

How do you find the title for a 1949 Dodge route van?

Call your DMV and see if you can get it titled as a rebuilt vehicle.

What does reconditioned parts mean?

It means rebuilt as new as possible.

Trying to get title for bike that was in bankrupsy bike was wrecked you rebuilt bike how do you get title even a salvage title?

A detailed answer would depend upon what state you're living in/want to title the bike in. You can get some basic information, to start, here: http:/

Is rebuilt an adverb?

no. rebuilt is a verb. the prefix re only changes the tense off the verb. causing it to mean doing an action again.

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