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Large, with plenty of tentacles. It can grow from 0.5in. (1.25cm) to nearly 6ft. (1.8m).

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What do sea anemone look like?

A anemone is a kind of flower in the sea. People thought a sea anemone looked a little bit like that flower, so theycalled it after the plant. They look like an upside-down jellyfish, with tentacles pointing up.

What is a sea creature with tentacles that look like flowers?

A sea anemone.

What are animals but look like plants?

sea anemone

Why is a sea anemone called a sea anemone?

It is called a "sea anemone" because it is a flower-like animal (anemone being a variety of flower) that lives in the sea.

What does asea anemone look like?

A sea anemone is a predator that lives underwater. It almost looks like a jellyfish or an unusual type of flower.

What does an anemone buttercup look like?

i want to know how does a anemone buttercup look like for school

Is sea anemone fish?

No. It's a sea creature, but fish have gills and a tail. Believe it or not sea anemone eat things like fish, but not clown fish. A sea anemone is usually a clown fishes home!

Where does a sea anemone live?

Sea anemone live at the bottom of the sea.

What kind of animal is the sea anemone?

A sea anemone belongs to the kingdom Animalia (animals), Phylum Coelenterata (Corals, jellyfish, Sea anemone), Class Anthozoa (flower-like animals), and order Actiniaria.

Interelationship between hermitcrab and sea anemone?

the truth as it seems is that there is not an interelationship with a hermit crab and sea anemone but there is one with the sea anemone and the anemone fish

What group does a sea anemone belong to?

Sea anemone are cnidarians.

What is the genus species for the sea anemone?

What is the species of a sea anemone?

Does a sea anemone eat fish?

No, sea anemone do not eat fish. Sea anemone eat small bacteria that grows on them.

Are anemone herbivores?

no, they are not herbivore. Sea anemones like to eat fresh human flesh. So be care full if you touch a sea anemone.

How do Sea Anemone adapt?

The Sea Anemone uses clown fish to clean it and the clown fish uses the sea anemone for protection.

What is a species of a sea anemone?

One species of sea anemone is Anthopleura xanthogrammica, or the giant green anemone.

How do you pronounce sea anemone?

Sea Anemone is pronounced like c əˈnɛmənɪ or c an em in e. Sea anemones protect and home clown fish in reefs.

Is a sea anemone a vertebrate?

No, it is not a vertebrate.It is an invertebrate.No. A sea anemone is an invertebrate.

How does a sea anemone trap their prey?

How does a sea anemone trap their prey

What kind of symmetry do sea anemone have?

the sea anemone have radial symmetry

Is a sea anemone an echinoderm?

No, sea anemone is Cnidaria

Can a sea anemone kill a jellyfish?

No. A sea anemone and a jellyfish would not meet. If they did meet, the jellyfish would sting the sea anemone and kill it.

Who are the enemies of a sea anemone?

Predators of the sea anemone include nudibranchs, sea stars, and fishes.

Why do clownfish live in sea anemone?

Clownfish live in sea anemone because they are benefited by the sea anemone. The sea anemone are also benefited by this relationship. This is called mutualism. The clownfish are the only fish in the sea that are not stung by the sea anemone's long tentacles. Clownfish eat other fish leftover from the anemone. Anemone on the other hand are benefited because they get better water circulation from the anemone swimming around.

How does a sea anemone protect itself?

sea anemone protect itself with their tentacles