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Sounds like something from a gang or prison but I could be wrong. There aren't any universal meanings for tattoo symbols. Check out tattoo symbolism here: But remember, sometimes a rose is just a rose. It doesn't mean or symbolize anything!

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Q: What does a skull tattoo with horns surrounded with blood and the words code of silence mean?
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When was Horns of Silence created?

Horns of Silence was created in 2007.

What does tattoo of 2 horns on skull mean?

a bull?

What does an Odin's Horns tattoo mean?

It can mean that you are follower of Odin- the Norse (Viking) Pagan God. . . lookup Norse Mythology Odinism Answer The symbol of Odin's horns is not just a tattoo. It was considered the symbol of Odin himself. It composed of three drinking horns interlocking. It was mostly displayed as a sign of commitment and oaths and merry times.

What is another name for a tramp stamp?

Lower back tattoo or buttocks. horns, bulls eye, spalt target

What is the meaning of a devil horns tattoo?

from personal experience...if on a person of Mexican origin, MS13...or on a white = white devil

Can you debud an old goat with horns?

No as when the horns grow the blood vessels grow with them and the sinuses and they could bleed profusely or get flyblown.

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Are you referring to the Cape and Asian buffalo? If you are, yes it would hurt to get their horns off because there are nerves and blood vessels in those horns. If you are referring to the American bison, no because they are hollow and do not have nearly as many blood vessels or nerves supplying such horns as domestic cattle and cape and asian buffalo do.

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No nerves, but not quite like human hair either. Parts of the horns have a blood supply.

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They can have horns

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Defense Defense is only one use of a goat's horns. This also applies to sheep. Their horns have blood vessels running through them, and the horns help to regulate and cool the blood's temperature, especially on hot days. It is much like a dog panting or us sweating. Having their horns is very important. Many goats (and sheep) are hornless. This is because they were disbudded (horns were surgically removed) or they are polled (horns didn't grow in due to breeding for that purpose). Disbudding is painful and should be done by a qualified veterinarian only, as unexpected side effects can occur (especially infection). Polled attributes can result in other mutations in babies, although they are rare.

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what is a bisons horns made in to what is a bisons horns made in to

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Do lambs have horns? I haqve never seen a lamb with horns.

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Because he or she may grow horns and rise up and fly off, that's why!

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narwhals have horns

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What are the horns on agoat called?


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yes they do have horns

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