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A disc herniation can be serious because it can cause severe pain and loss of feeling in your arms and legs. This kind of herniation basically means the rubbery cushion between the bones has moved out of its proper place.

2014-09-18 00:12:24
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Q: What does a small left paracentral disc herniation mean and how serious is it?
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What is a small central and slightly left paracentral disc herniation at c4-c5 effacing the thecal sac anteriorly?

What is a small central and slightly left paracentral disc herniation at c4-c5 effacing the thecal sac anteriorly?

What is left paracentral and posterolateral disc herniation?

Left paracentral and posterolateral disc herniation's are bulging of the discs. In these types of herniation's, the disc is pushing towards the left, affecting the nerve root to the left.

What does superimposed broad-based left paracentral disc herniation mean?

what is superimposed right paracentral disc protrusion measures 1.3 cm transverse and 3.5 cm anterior-posterior mean?

Degenerative disc disease of L5-S1?

Posterior left paracentral disc herniation at L5-s1 superimposed on concentric disc bulging. That's what I have

What is a central and right paracentral disc herniation of the l5-s1 with impingement on the right nerve rootlet?

Essentially, that means that you have a bulging disc (the paracentral disc herniation) at the level between vertebrae Sacral 1 and Lumbar 5. This bulge is putting pressure on the root nerve on the right side. The root nerve is what comes out from the spinal cord to the area of the body that the nerve goes to.

What is a paracentral protrusion of disc effaces the epidural fat minimally effaces the thecal sac on L5 S1?

If you have a paracentral protrusion of disc at L5 S1, you may have a herniated disc.

Broad central herniation of the disc with impingement on the the-cal sac?

A broad herniation means that at least 25% of the disc is affected. A central herniation means that the herniation is toward the spinal column. A broad central herniation of the disc with impingement on the thecal sac is a herniation in which a large portion of the disc is protruding toward the spinal column and is pressing against the membrane which surrounds the spinal cord.

What is paracentral disc protrusion?

Paracentral disc protrusion is a disorder of the spine that causes neck and back pain. An intervertebral disc is swollen or bulging and is putting pressure on the nerve roots when you are diagnosed with this disorder.

What is a T1-T2 disc herniation?

A T1-T2 disc herniation is a herniation that happens in the middle or lower back. This will cause extreme pain and possible numbness in the limbs.

What is a small central right paracentral discal protrusion at C5 6?

c5-6 disc show central and right paracentral bulge causing compression of nerve roots and cord on right side

What is the treatment for right paracentral disc herniation L5-S1?

You have to go for some form of discectomy. Like say microdiscectomy by way of laser or scopes. Here you remove the material of nucleus pulposus to give relief to the patient.

Does disc herniation affect the hips?


What is C6-C7 herniation?

A herniated disc

What is right para central herniation C6?

It is a protrusion (herniation) of disc material near the center of the spine (paracentral), in this case just to the right of center. The C6 designation indicates the herniation is located in the Cervical spine (neck) at the level of the 6th cervical vertebral space (there are a total of seven cervical vertebra -- C1 through C7). A couple of useful reference/education sites are and Hope this helps!Bunny

Are bulging disc and herniated disc the same?

Bulge, herniation, protrusion. Terminology varies but a bulge generally protrudes less. A herniation or protrusion sticks out more when looking at an MRI.

What does paracentral disc herniation at the L5-S1 level causing mass effect upon the left S1 nerve root mean?

It means that the disc between L5-S1 has protruded out to one side (not centrally), and is affecting (most likely compressing) the S1 nerve root which is below the level of the herniation (the L5 nerve root has already exited the IVF). From this report I am assuming you are having some sensory or motor problems in your lower limbs?!

What is the average time for a disc herniation to heal?

6 weeks

What is a Ventral Disc herniation?

A herniation toward the front of the body. Since there are no nerves or spinal cord to compress there, these are typically asymptomatic.

Paracentral disc protrusion L4-5?

what happen if l4-5 disc protrusions & foraminal narrow as describe above

What is the association of disc herniation and sciatica?

Lumbar disc hernias are commonly associated with sciatica (inflammation of the sciatic nerve in the lower back) due to disc protrusion or herniation that compresses the spinal nerve root radiating to the femoral or sciatic nerve.

Is genetics a factor in disc degeneration?

Growing scientific evidence also points to genetic factors in disc herniation, especially in families with a history of predisposition to early-onset sciatica and disk herniation.

What does herniation of a vertebral disc involve?

When a disc herniates, the jellylike substance pushes through and causes the harder outer ring (annulus fibrosus) to compress a nerve root in the spinal cord. Herniation of a vertebral disc can cause varying degrees of pain

Do you need surgery for mild right paracentral disc osteophyte complex at the c5-c6 level?


Can a car accident cause paracentral disc protrusion?

You need a medical diagnosis and opinion for this question. THIS is NOT the site to do it.

Broad-based disc bulge?

A broad- based disc bulge is found in the vertebrae. Another name for a broad based disc bulge is disc herniation, where the gelanous material in the center of the disc escapes the disc.