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The split end is another name for a wide receiver. He catches passes and blocks on running plays. The split end is the receiver on the weak side (the side opposite the tight end) of the formation. The number for this position is 80-89, like all tight ends & wide receivers.

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Q: What does a split end do and what is a good number for that position?
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Tackles are usually designated by which side of Center they are positioned; Left tackle or Right tackle. Split tackle is not a common term but could refer to the tackle on the side of the split end.

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A flanker is a player on offense ... a receiver that lines up behind the line of scrimmage and on the other side of the ball that the split end is lined up. Flanker is a term that is not used much anymore since receivers, in the current game of complex offensive formations, line up in so many different positions. A receiver that lines up in a flanker position on one play might line up in a split end position on the next play and then maybe in the backfield on the next play. The terms flanker and split end have been replaced with the generic term 'wide receiver'.

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What position does E stand for in football?

E in FootballE doesn't have a position. There's a TE and DE, tight end and defensive end. E would stand for End. On a football field there is a Defensive End that plays on the defensive line, a Tight End that usually plays on the offensive line and is a pass receiver, and a Split End who is a wide receiver.Until 1965, NCAA mandated it's players to play a one platoon system meaning that one unit played both offense and defense. The E position meant that the player played on the outside or ends of the line. Ends played both DE on defense and TE on offense.

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