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A Starfish eats Clams, Oysters, or anything too slow to escape. Crabs, Otters, and Seagulls eat Starfish.


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What eat ther horned starfish is you

A starfish is a predator that eats bivalves, sponges, and snails. Some eat decaying organic matter. Starfish do not eat seaweed.

Some types of starfish eat other smaller species of starfish, if that was what you were getting at.

1 year and if starfish eats human about a sec

it eats sea microoranisms

All rts of things but most of all not sharks they dont eat starfish

it eats coral, bacteria, fish and mussels

Many types of starfish will eat coral. There is one particular species of starfish, called the crown of thorns starfish, that eats coral polyps in large quantities. It is very destructive to coral reefs.

Some starfish can be very destructive and eat corals, but the main predator that eats the starfish that eats corals is a large snail whom we hunt for the shell. Without that snail the starfish could completely destroy the reef. So they are both predators and prey.

The orange starfish mainly eats organisms that live in benthic zones. This includes barnacles, worms, and different types of mollusks.

it helps eat predators and other things and digests the food it eats

some starfish the type of animal that eats coral is called a corallivore

They eat calms, oysters, mussels, small fish, sea snails , and barnacles. The predators that eat that are manta rays, some sharks and other bony fishes like to pick them off the bottom of the sea and eat them. Sometimes other larger starfishes since they can eat the starfish by attacking, kill and then eat.

Yes, starfish do eat sea urchins. They wrap themselves around the sea urchin and evert their stomach against it to dissolve away the flesh and shell. Eventually when the flesh and shell is dissolved by the starfish stomach acids, the starfish eats the inside of the sea urchin.

Basically the carnivores of the ocean eat starfish.Carabs, Sharks, Jellyfish,Leeches, Pike, and many,many, more.Seagulls eat starfish, that's what eat starfish.Crabs eat starfish meat and other sea animals . Sharks,jelly fish,pike,pickerel,salmon,leeches,betta,mollie,and tadpoles. and chineseharlequin shrimp eat starfish!for further notice contact me atcamryn.graves@yahoo.comA Sharksea ottersHumans and other weird sea creaturesSeagulls.

A starfish usualy eats mussels, clams, and arteres

No, the starfish will not eat the clownfish.

starfish do eat they are carnivores

According to the show called life it eats about 1.5 pounds of alge a day.

no fish are to fast for a starfish to eat

starfish eat oysters and clams

starfish probably eat daily

Yes starfish does eat krill:)

no they eat clams or other starfish

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