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a steam locomotive is a way to be transportated or a way for transportation.

it pulls the train of cars just like the modern diesel engines

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What is faster a steam ship or a steam locomotive?

steam locomotive

What do you call the platform on a steam locomotive?

A steam locomotive platform

How do you make a steam locomotive on Doodle God?

Steam Engine+Cart=Locomotive

How does a live steam locomotive work?

Live steam usually refers to a model steam locomotive. The machine is powered by steam which is produced by boiling water. The steam locomotive is like the one at the Disneyland Amusement Park.

Who developed the steam locomotive in America?

Peter cooper invented the first steam locomotive

What affect did the steam locomotive have on people?

The steam locomotive provided faster land transportation.

Who has invented steam locomotive?

The first steam Locomotive was invented by George Stephenson in 1812.

When was Richard Trevithick's steam locomotive invented?

I think Trevithick's steam locomotive was made in 1804.

When was Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum created?

Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum was created in 1972.

What was the name of the first steam-powered locomotive?

The name of the fist steam powered locomotive was rocket .

Who invented steam locomotive?


When was Sydney Live Steam Locomotive Society created?

Sydney Live Steam Locomotive Society was created in 1948.

What powered the Tom Thumb locomotive?

The Tom Thumb was a steam powered locomotive, with the steam produced by burning coal/

Why was the steam locomotive built?

When was the 30777 Sir Lamier locomotive built

Who invented the steam-powered locomotive?

The steam road Locomotive was invented by Richard Trevithick, but the first steam RAILWAY Locomotive was invented by George Stephenson. A Scottish inventor called William Murdoch, made the first Locomotive Prototype. Hope this helps!

What was the first steam powered train called?

Trevithick's locomotive, 1804 was the first successful steam locomotive. BRANDON ROCKS

How much one was go with the first steam locomotive of stephenson?

how much one was go with the first steam locomotive of stephenson?

What was the main part of the steam locomotive?

Probably the steam engine.

How heavy are Locomotives?

Well, it depends on what type of locomotive, diesel steam or electric, a standard diesel locomotive weighs about 425000 lbs, and a standard steam locomotive is about 778000 lbs

What is a steam locomotive?

a transportation device...

When was steam locomotive invented?


What is the RPM on the steam locomotive?


When was the steam locomotive built?


How did the steam locomotive change America?

The steam locomotive could go 18 mph, and could go faster and farther than boats.

What is the first Victorian steam locomotive?


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