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A teacher teaches things from basic life skills to exotic arts. A teacher can be a mentor, a parent, a friend, or a hired professional. Teachers at schools generally teach the basics such as math, science, social studies, language arts, physical education, health, and social skills. For teachers who teach in grades preschool through 12th, they are responsible for them and the students they teach are in their custody. Grading papers and planning lessons and helping students with problems of all kinds are a few things teachers do as well. They usually require a degree if they are to work as a paid school teacher, and not just a tutor.

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What does once a teacher always a teacher mean?

"Once a Teacher..." Meaning Once you are a teacher "...Always a teacher" You will always be a teacher.

What is the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher?

A Good Teacher: When a Teacher is OK. A Great Teacher: You really like that Teacher, you have had him / her before.

What kind of teacher should you be?

I think i would be a party teacher or a music teacher or a homeroom teacher or a kindergarton teacher

He is not a teacher You are not a teacher What is the pronoun in the sentence?

He is not a teacher. is a sentence with the pronoun he , while You are not a teacher has the pronoun you.

How does a teacher become a teacher?

a teacher becomes a teacher by taking her degree. and then she can teach us

How can you become a teacher on club penguin?

be a good nice teacher an look like a teacher be a kind helpfull teacher an a safe teacher

What do you call a teacher who teaches spelling?

Language Art teacher, or an English teacher.

What is a sentence with the word teacher?

teacher have told us that. teacher can teach great life lessons. Life is a great Teacher.

What does once a teacher always a teacher?

it means that once a teacher is a teacher once, even after he/she retires, they still feel like a teacher at heart.

Related jobs to a kindergarten teacher?

teacher assistant teacher

What is a mean teacher?

a mean teacher is when a teacher yells at you. or when she hits you

How long can a teacher be a teacher?

A teacher can be a teacher from the time they graduate until the mandatory retirement age in their country.

Is it true that the mediocre teacher tells and the good teacher explains and the superior teacher states but the great teacher inspires?

TeachersIt's almost true. The superior teacher demonstrates, not states. It should read this way: The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, and the great teacher inspires.

Who was his teacher?

Whose teacher?...

Who can be a teacher?

anyone can be a teacher.

What is the feminine for teacher?

teacher -_-

Values and skills of a global teacher?

teacher should be a reflective teacher.

What is a teacher that subs?

a teacher that minds the class when the main teacher is off :)

Is teacher an adverb?

No, the word teacher is not an adverb.The word teacher is a noun.

The vision of a teacher?

The vision of a teacher is reflected in her teacher and goals for the students.

How do you say 'teacher' in Thai?

Khun Kru is "Teacher!" (Khun means 'you' and is polite). Kru is teacher as in "Kru ma leeow." The teacher is coming.

Who your favorite teacher?

well your favorite teacher is a teacher that you either had or currently have that is nice and talks to you for me my favorite teacher is my graphics teacher (im not giving names though)

What is the differences of English teacher and teacher of English?

English teacher is a teacher who teaches the concerned text book. teacher of English is a teacher who can teach about any aspect releated to English 'English teacher' could be used to describe the person's nationality/cultural background e.g. "English teacher of Science" as opposed to "German teacher of Science". Both could be described as a 'Science teacher' or 'teacher of Science' if only stressing the subject being taught.

What is the teacher in Skellig called?

Rasputin=Science teacher The Yeti=The teacher that makes the assemblies Monkey=The maths teacher Mrs.Clarts=History teacher Mrs.Dandoo=One of the auxiliaries

What are the release dates for Teacher to Teacher - 1997?

Teacher to Teacher - 1997 was released on: USA: 1 April 1997