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What does a teenage girl do with her life if her life is horrible and she can't be pregnant and she loves kids?

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2007-05-30 06:21:38
2007-05-30 06:21:38

I am struggling with the same issue... I love kids but I will never be able to have them. It comes down to the reason you cant have kids though. There are always other options. I have noticed from being around my nieces that no matter if it is mine or not, I can love them like they are my own. Keep in mind that unless you have had a hysterectomy or you have some genetic disease that you don't want to pass, there are other options such as in vitro fertilization or surrogacy. Otherwise there is always a great child out there who is looking for a good home. I hope this helped... and I am sorry Oh... by the way, keep your focus on your careers and goals for now, and everything else will follow. Answer Well if your a teenager i don't recommend kids yet, but later try adopting. You should love them all the same for they are yours. Mae sure you can support them. Also I'm sorry you cannot have children.

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