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What does a ticking sound when accelerating mean?


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2015-07-17 17:28:52
2015-07-17 17:28:52

Theres a pretty wide scope. lifters, fuel injectors, fan hitting shroud, water pump, belt tensioner.

Will it do it when you are at idle and goose the pedal?

We have narrowed down, that helps. If it sounds like" marbles in a can" kind of noise. Try running a tank of 93 octane to see if it stops.

Without hearing it, I could be going in the wrong direction.

Do you feel it when it happens or just hear it?

I'm having a hard time with the "exhaust theory".

Try brake torqueing it. With someone in the car with their foot on the brake and the e-brake engaged, rev the gas. And you on the outside with the hood up. Does the engine move considerably? Does the noise happen?

If you do the brake torqueing as I described (make sure the car is at operating temperature), listen near where the front exhaust pipe connects to the manifold. I was also told this was common for this engine-front exhaust seal. Learn something new everyday! Let me know how you make out.

I am even more inclined to go with the exhaust gasket, based on your findings. You can possibly continue to narrow down the source by using a stethescope or a reasonable facsimile. Such a long pry bar or screw driver (30" or better usually) that has a plastic handle. Again while duplicating the sound in a safe manner, touch the end of the screw drive or stethesope to a part in the near vicinity of the noise. Place you ear up to and then on the end of the handle. You will hear the noise to a certain extent. Try it on another part nearby the first one. The noise will get louder through the screw driver or fainter. Continue until you find the source.

I guess in this industry you never say never... Ask him to check this TSB: bulletin # 47-60-06D in the exhaust section. Since yours is Supercharged, this may or may not apply. It certainly fits the description you made. It calls for replacement of seal #24506449. You can also call the parts dept. at the dealer and ask if this seal would be used on your car. It was used on the 95-96 Riviera, but maybe not the Supercharged version. I wouldn't think a cracked manifold would make the noise you describe, but If your mechanic diagnosed it with the car up in the air and found it to be cracked...

UPDATE! Turns out you were right...a second mechanic looked and fixed the problem for well under $100. My car now has no ticking sound during acceleration. In fact, it seems to me the SuperCharged Riviera has more power now than it did before. Would that be my imagination, or could I have lost some horsepower because of what contributed to the ticking noise?

I'm having the same type of problem as what the other person was having. I thought it could be someting with the brakes or the wheel. If I'm coming to a stop, when I'm just coasting at a few mph it ticks. It gets louders as I accelerate then goes away. Also when I brake when I'm going slow it gets a little louder. If you pay attention you can tell.

Be sure to fix the front engine & transmission mount that caused this problem.

I had a problem where the vehicle was clicking when accelerating forward, or when braking hard in reverse. Turns out it was a bad starter. The pinion gear was sliding loosely on the shaft, so when the front end of the vehicle was raised up the gear would slide into the flywheel causing the clicking.


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It means that your clock is working. Also the sound is the seconds hand ticking

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Your valves need adjustment. Take it to your preferred mechanic.

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a "knocking" noise could be your lifters. and the ticking when accelerating and letting out of the gas is the same thing. check your oil and if it's full then you may need to think about either having them adjusted, or getting new ones. depending on what you have depends on whether or not you wanna sell it

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