What does a traditional angel eat?

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nothing, remember when angels went to Abraham, he offered them food on this they said we do not eat.
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What are traditions?

a : an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior (as a religious practice or a social custom) b : a belief or story or a body of beliefs or stories relating to the past that are commonly accepted as historical though not verifiable. 2 . the handing ( Full Answer )

What is tradition?

Tradition is a ritual, belief or object passed down within a society, also a basic character of a society still maintained in the present, with origins in the past. Common examples include holidays or impractical but socially meaningful clothes (like lawyer wigs or military officer spurs), but the ( Full Answer )

What traditional foods do people in Israel eat?

Israel is a melting pot of Jewish people, and does not really have native traditional foods. Traditions come from every country in the world. Some of the most popular foods are falafel, hummus, shawarma, and shnitzel, but all of these foods have orgins in other countries.

What sort of traditional food do Italians eat?

they traditionally eat pasta, rissoles, pizza, salads, seafood, rich wine, bread rice ,meat, and so on. The Italians love their food and they take great pride in serving the best for you so no picking out the bits you don't like (aye). xx traditional include pizza, pasta, rich wine, raviolis, bread. ( Full Answer )

What does a flame angel eat?

Live marine food, frozen marine food, flake food with some algae supplement in them if not present in your tank. They are not known for being finicky or picky eaters

What traditional foods that Canadians eat?

Mainly depends where you go in Canada. Since Canada is a multicultural country , there isn't really A traditional dish. Yet, due to it's location, there are a lot of maples in the country thus making maple syrup very popular. I only know that in the Eastern part of Canada (Quebec), around march/Ap ( Full Answer )

What are some traditional food that they eat in Australia?

Tasty ones! Real or stereotypical Australian dishes include: - Dampers (a doughy bread scone type thing) - Pavlovas - Meat Pies - Bangers and mash - Vegemite sandwich (mm, a personal favourite) - Anzac biccies - Tim tams & twisties! - Lamingtons - BBQ's Australia doesn't rea ( Full Answer )

What is traditions?

A tradition is something you do every year. Like if you have a snowball fight with your family every Christmas that is tradition!

What is the best place to eat in Los Angeles?

I honestly think that El tacoache solitario is the best place to eat they give really good tacos there you can look at there website to find out all about it at El Tacoache Solitario

What are some Special Traditions in Italy that effects their eating habits?

Many countries have some unspoken rule about how one should eat or behave at the dining table. Italy is no exception. Below are some of the things a tourist needs to know about dining in Italy. Although it is not against any law to break any of these rules, following some of these may just be good ( Full Answer )

What are the traditional foods that Muslims eat during Ramadan?

During Ramadan there aren't really any traditional foods. I know that most of the Middle Eastern (Egyptians) break their fasts with mango or guava juice but many Muslims accompany the juice with dates first. For breakfast, you could eat anything but it is recommended from me that you don't 'dig in'. ( Full Answer )

Do angels eat food?

Do angels eat? I like to look at it this way. If you were God would you create something that didn't require refueling? and take the chance that if it didn't like you. You would have a never ending problem. If you build them to need refueling and they go bad on you. just simply run them out of gas! ( Full Answer )

Do traditional Japanese families eat together?

yes they do. Of the 95% of Japanese that eat three meals a day, most peopleconsider dinner to be the most important. More than 80% of themusually have dinner at home with their families.

What is the traditional food they eat in Palau?

\nThe main food cultivated is taro with other foods such as sweet potato, tapioca, bananas and breadfruit being an important part of the diet.\n. \nSource: http://www.janesoceania.com/micronesia_palau/index.htm\n. \ncoconuts, copra, cassava (tapioca), sweet potatoes; fish\n. \nSource: https://w ( Full Answer )

Is it traditional to eat fish on good Friday?

It isn't really traditional. It substitutes meat which shouldn't be eaten on Good Friday. This is a form of sacrifice since Good Friday is a holy day, the day where Jesus died.. Meat shouldn't be eaten on any Friday as a sacrifice.

Can you eat angel sharks?

Yes you can eat an angel shark (also known as a Monk Shark, Sand Devils, and Monk Fish) for the firm texture and a fine slightly sweet flavor.

What traditional foods do athletes eat in America?

In response to increased levels of cholesterol and a greater risk of heart disease---or for countless other reasons---many Americans are making the switch from a diet dominated by hamburgers and hot dogs to one of veggie burgers and tofu. But is this type of diet a wise choice for athletes who n ( Full Answer )

What does an angel eat?

I think angels eat nothing know one knows what they eat so lets just keep as a mystery's knows what they could eat and I will like to know who knows the answer.

If baby Jesus eats an angel is he considered a cannibal?

no because cannibalism refers only to the eating of human flesh. since angels are not human therefore if baby Jesus eats an angel, it will not be considered as cannibalism. other definition of cannibalism is the eating of the flesh of the same kind. If baby Jesus was born to be human as the bible st ( Full Answer )

What traditional food do Scottish people eat?

They say Haggis, but that isn't exactly true these days. Scottish people do quite a bit of farming...and like most "Europeans" meat, fish and veggies are common staples at any meal. Shortbread is still common in most Scottish homes. Mince and Tatties is a favorite as well.

What did immigrants on Angel Island eat?

what ever they were served. So really anything. Noodles things like that. They ate in their rooms. Hope that answered your question!:):)

Why are biscuits a tradition to eat in Engalnd?

I wasn't aware that eating biscuits was a tradition in England. Possibly it's a remnant stemming from the outdated ritual of taking "afternoon-tea". But I don't think that people living in the UK consider "biscuit eating" a tradition...

What does it mean to dream about eating dinner with angels?

This dream appears to illustrate the Christian text from the Letter to the Hebrews, 13:2, "Forget not to show love unto strangers; for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." (American Standard Version.) The dream might be a reminder from the dreamer's subconscious mind (soul) that one might ( Full Answer )

What is a traditional food that Portugal people eat for Christmas?

My entire family are portugal people, and every year we eat stray cats, they're cheap and fun to eat!! My gradmother always used to cut all the hair off and then boil it in some form of meat scauce, although gravy will do just fine. Merry Christmas!

What did traditional Chinese people eat?

Traditional Chinese food is mainly eaten on the New Year. Fish é±¼ /yoo/ In Chinese, Fish sounds like "save more". Chinese People always like save more money at the end of year because they think if they save more, they can make more in the next year. Lucky Sayings for Eating Fish . å¹ ( Full Answer )

Do sharks eat angeler fish?

The main food of a shark is fish. Most of them aren't known for eating one specific fish.

How much European food do Americans eat tradition smariaz?

- Artificial food dye: Makes your food pretty and can inhibitnerve-cell development ... Where it's banned: The U.K., Japan, andmany other European countries ..... (like the American CancerSociety links), you'll even find much of.